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What BROKE & What DIDN'T! 2020 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel After 275,000 Miles Of Hard Use!

What BROKE & What DIDN'T! 2020 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel After 275,000 Miles Of Hard Use!
https://www.handsminimaxx.comHow does a new heavy-duty pickup survive after heavy abuse? We’re gonna find this out in this video because I have a three-year-old Ford F-350 Power Stroke diesel right here. It’s a dually, and it has almost 300,000 miles on the clock. I know it’s a little bit difficult to believe, but this was a hard-working truck. So, from a first glance, it looks pretty nice, not a lot of damage. Let’s take a closer look, yeah, and let’s take it for a spin and see what it’s really like. So, let’s get up close.

So, first of all, let’s look at the front. I would have expected a lot of damage here from road debris, rocks, and what’s surprising, I’ll show you. Carfax on this truck: this truck spent almost all of its life in Canada, started in Alberta and kind of went maybe even all the way across Canada, maybe multiple times. It looks like it had a bra or some sort of protection in the front, and its fog lamps have been either hit by road debris or rocks and they’re damaged. But other than that, take a look at the headlamps. I don’t think they’ve been replaced. There is a little bit of chipping, there’s a little bit of a crack right there, but it looks in super great shape. Uh, yes, so there’s a couple of loose plastic pieces, and the front chin has been hit a couple of times, but this truck is amazing. It looks basically stock, stock, stock.What BROKE & What DIDN'T! 2020 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel After 275,000 Miles Of Hard Use!
https://www.handsminimaxx.comAlright, let’s look at the suspension. Let me grab the camera really quick and take a look underneath because if this was in Canada, it’s probably we’ll have some rust because of the road salt, hard winter conditions. The front steering has some, a little bit of surface rust. The shock looks in decent shape, maybe it was replaced. The front spring looks okay, and let me see the caliper looks new. So, maybe somebody did a brake job on this, and somebody put brand new tires. So, this truck I have access to, thanks to our friends at Booth Motors, they’re in Longmont, Colorado, and it’s on sale. Well, as of this recording, I don’t know if it’s going to be sold soon or not, but overall condition seems to be pretty surprising. You’re probably asking right now, Andre, you’re probably lying. It doesn’t have 300,000 miles; it’s only three years old. By the way, this is a 2020 model, but the redesign, the way you know this is because there’s a little slant in this Grill, so this light is not fully square. So, that’s kind of one way you know this hasn’t updated truck. The other way you know is, well, you know, what’s underneath the hood because it’s a Power Stroke. But let me pop the hood and let’s look at this engine because they updated it in 2020.

And I’ll show you the miles, everything, the odometer, the Carfax. I’ll show you everything. I don’t know the owner, I don’t know who owned it or which company owned it, but this engine bay looks. I mean, relatively nice for, I mean, it’s three years old. Dual batteries, the battery was replaced recently. I can see the date, March 2022. There’s, I don’t see a date on this one, but it’s probably not too old. It’s only about been three years. It’s got kind of enough to market filter, maybe AFE power or maybe it’s just a sticker. Who knows at this point, but visually, this looks stock to me. It doesn’t look modified or anything like that.What BROKE & What DIDN'T! 2020 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel After 275,000 Miles Of Hard Use!
https://www.handsminimaxx.comAlright, let’s keep moving. Let me grab the camera again because I want to show you sort of the underneath because maybe it’s all rusted out, maybe it’s been deleted, who knows. Okay, let’s take a look. Alright, so the emission system looks intact. Let me get a slightly wider view so the particulate filter and some of the other systems look intact. It does have a bit of rust on it, as you would expect from a lot of miles. This truck averaged nearly a hundred thousand miles a year. There’s some surface rust right there, you see, on the frame. A rear suspension components, rear axle also have a bit of rust. The rear shock is leaking, so the rear shock might be close to being done. But, you know, I mean, Canada has a lot of dirt roads as well, so it’s not sorry, this surface is really hot. So one way you can find out if this was on dirt roads a lot, often you would see some rock chips on secondary fenders, you know, from rocks flying against the body. I don’t see a lot here, although there are a few markings, few small markings here. You can also sometimes find dirt like between the mud flaps or between the wheel liners and sometimes even right here in the bumper, like inside the rear bumper, you can find some dirt. But I don’t see a lot of evidence of that, so maybe it’s spent a lot of its life on paved roads.

It has a BMW fifth wheel gooseneck hitch. You can see the gooseneck ball right there, so it seems like it’s towed a gooseneck trailer, and there’s even the wiring right there, seven-pin connector for a gooseneck. It has this tank in the bed which was quite odd as well. Now, let me open the tailgate. Let’s see, let’s see how this works. Um, it’s not opening, and I know it’s not locked. Let me get the key, okay. So, the tailgate is jammed. Let me jump inside, let’s see. So, it could be that the latch mechanism is broken. So, this is not bedline. Let me grab the camera really quick so you can see the bed is in decent shape. So, this is all aluminum truck, the bed is aluminum, the cab is aluminum, and that’s why I think you don’t see a lot of rust as far as underneath the cab and in the bed. It’s been scratched, but you know, aluminum can oxidize and other things can happen to it, but it won’t rust like this tank. So, this thing, I don’t know what it was used for, has opened two open ports and it’s drilled and mounted to the bed. So, they’re carrying either fuel or some other liquids in here. I have no idea what this truck was doing. Um, it doesn’t look like it’s connected to the fuel system, the tank that the fill-up that’s in here.What BROKE & What DIDN'T! 2020 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel After 275,000 Miles Of Hard Use!
https://www.handsminimaxx.comAlright, so let me jump back out. So, I don’t think we’ll solve this tailgate problem right now. Sometimes what happens if some cargo moves and hits the tailgate and then bends some of the latching mechanisms, that can where um, kind of cause this problem, or if the latch itself breaks. I think in this case, it may be the latch that’s broken. But look, this is an XLT, it’s in decent shape. The hitch is a little rusty, and by the way, this looks like a big boy. This looks like a three-inch hitch. So, what Ford started doing is they have a obviously two-inch receiver on their light-duty tracks. They have a two and a half on their heavy-duty Super Duty tracks, and then they also have a three-inch receiver. So, large hitches for really high capacity.

Let’s look inside. Oh, there’s somebody doing donuts over there. Do you see that? It’s Friday night. Okay, you guys didn’t see that. Let me grab this really quick. So, of course, 14,000-pound gross vehicle weight. So, it’s a dually. It was built in January, has a payload of 5,600 pounds, which means it weighs about 8,400 pounds. And now you start wondering, okay, Andre, how many miles? Well, actual miles is 275,000. I’ll show you in a second. We have a sticker, this truck original, and I believe this is in dollars U.S. actually. I don’t know because it says Alberta right here, 78,0774.What BROKE & What DIDN'T! 2020 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel After 275,000 Miles Of Hard Use!
https://www.handsminimaxx.comIf this was this year, this would be a steal because a lot of these trucks are now selling for way more than this. This may have been even Canadian dollars, but look, it was manufactured in January, it was sold in June. This is July 2023, so basically three years, lots of records, lots of records in Alberta, British Columbia, and then Montana. So, then it finally entered the U.S., and it was originally exported to Canada. So, this is all information available, pretty detailed, clean, clean title, 21 service records, one recall done. I don’t see any major services here, so of course, you can pause this video and take a closer look, but I don’t see like major repairs. There was one recall performed right there. All right, so that’s all good.What BROKE & What DIDN'T! 2020 Ford F-350 Power Stroke Diesel After 275,000 Miles Of Hard Use!
https://www.handsminimaxx.comAlright, let’s jump in and start the stop, uh, Kentucky. Let’s start this up. So, once again, let’s kind of zoom in on the miles, 275,351.

So, not quite 300,000, but it’s soon approaching. Okay, hold on, oh, a couple of our tires may be low on pressure. All

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