This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck!

This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comSo I just bought the cheapest turbo that I could possibly find on eBay. I paid $ 196 for this thing and I’m going to install it in my 6.5 lit turbo diesel in the 1996 Cheyenne. The truck is old, the turbo is leaking, it’s blowing black smoke. So I’m hoping that this fixes the problem, but, more importantly, how will this cheap Chinese turbo perform?

What I’m going to do today is a turbo in the budget. 6.5 L turbo diesel that I picked up for $ 700 dude th. This truck is running so rough check it out, I’m going to go and start it. It’S been a couple days since I started it, it smokes excessively um.
h&s mini maxx https://www.handsminimaxx.comAs a matter of fact, I tried to do a burnout and I it was just sitting on that converter. It wouldn’t do it. Now, look I’m not 100 % sure if this is going to fix the problem, but the turbo definitely needs to be replaced because it’s leaking engine oil out of the turbo. I know some of you guys are going to say in the comments you should have went with like a super 60 or an hx40 or whatever, maybe even like an s369 something cool enough with that, I’m going to go ahead and just let this truck warm up For a little bit and we’ll take it on a little test, drive and show you guys what I’m talking about, but she’s a smoky girl and this might not fix the problem, but nevertheless the turbo’s leaking. So engine oil getting past the seals is going to get into the exhaust and it’s going to blow black smoke.

So hopefully this will help it a little bit. But this truck right now in this current state is really slow. Let’S see if we can duplicate the problem right now we go ahead and just get it under a little bit of load. You can see that I mean it will blow black smoke for days. It won’t stop.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comLook at that check it out. It is bad! Sorry, everybody behind me, of course, I’m not doing that with somebody behind me, but that’s what I’m talking about now. If I’m just driving it normally it’s not too bad. I mean it Puffs a little bit, but as long as I don’t get under the turbo, I should be good.

I said it in the beginning of the video that I’m going to leave it stuck, but I mean let’s face it. If this truck is cheap, I don’t care about it. I have a YouTube channel if there’s some sort of fun experiment that I plan on doing with it, I may I don’t know we’ll figure it out, but worst case scenario like I said. If somebody gives me money for it, I will probably sell it just so. You guys know this Saturday, we are doing a car truck show in hasset Michigan a andd repair love to see you guys out there it’s going between 83.

You can register your vehicle there in the very next day, which would be a Sunday June 30th we’re having the fireworks display at our church. I will have probably three of my trucks there. So if you want to come out and meet me watch the fireworks bring the family. It’S totally family friendly, I’d love to see you guys out there for both of those events. If you can make it, but if you guys are local or want to travel it’d be worth your time time.

So, I’m home right! Now, I’m going to pull the old Sun kiss out of the way and get this truck in the garage. Let it cool down a little bit and I’ll show you guys the turbo I got. I am not promoting this brand. I spent my own money on it.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comClearly it’s made in China. Here’S the uh part number there. It is right there, let’s go ahead and unbox. This go ahead and take it out of the wrapping look at it check out the construction of it and then, of course, we got to remove this old junkie thing. I did power wash it, so it looks a lot better.

So what do we get for $ 196? It comes with all the gaskets that I need to install this thing, which is awesome and instructions believe it or not. I am so glad that I’m not installing a turbo on a Duramax, because that is not fun. I’Ve never installed one on a 65, but this will probably be a lot easier for me, so 99 % of the turbos that I get that I order on any of my diesels come from Ryan’s Diesel Service, and this is definitely not a ran Diesel Service turbo. I think it would be fun if this turbo does survive.

It would be fun to throw a Wicked Wheel on this thing like a Wicked Wheel too or batmo wheel. I don’t know if they’d make those for these, I’m sure they do. But who knows, I might be able to make this truck actually whistle. I know you get what you pay for, but who knows this thing actually might do well, what did the instructions say all right they tested it. Look at that.

You know there’s quite a bit of side to side play, but in and out it’s not too bad. It’S actually not that bad of a turbo, but clearly it’s leaking. battery died great all right. I’M going to take a break from the inner Fender that is going to be a pain, but in the meantime, I’m going to go ahead and start disconnecting everything up from the here in the top, but I’m probably going to remove the housing. That way I can get to the I guess the turbo pedestal bolts underneath here cuz that’s going to be a challenge as well.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comActually I did watch a video of a guy. He said he took 3 hours just on one one of these bolts. Oh yeah she’s chewed up she’s missing some parts to the blades. Some of the fins have some Nicks in it. You guys are not going to believe this WOW.

Don’T ever do this. It looks like somebody put sealant inside of here, but but this boot is caked in it, so I’m going to have to clean all that up. I can only imagine how much got sucked into the intake plenum, but hey you got to do what you got to do right. Oh man, it’s caked on this yeah. I got a lot of cleaning to do.

The bolts that connect to the manifold are so tricky to get to I’m using a little swivel and an extension 15 mil feeding it through the inner Fender, which I couldn’t get off. I might I don’t know yet that inner Fender is just so Rusty, I’m thinking. If I take it off, I’m probably going to have to replace it probably needs to be replaced anyways, but either tight, oh dude, did I get it or did I break the extension? Oh, I got it all right thought I broke the wobble there for a second all right. I think we got it and then I’m actually going to leave that on there nice and loose and I’m going to get to that back bolt which is back here.

I also have the V bank clamp disconnected from the exhaust, but just in case you know that way. I have enough leverage back here, so I have something holding this down, but all right, hopefully this works. Yes, we got it. I’M mil walking this. I don’t know how tight this is going to be there.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comWe go all right, I’m just setting the studs. I had to remove them from the old turbo. I’M going to clean these up a little bit too they’re really nasty. I just put some WD40 on them, but after removing the turbo, it’s really simple, I’m just going to reinstall it! It’S really not that much, but I got to clean the mating surface off, really quick and then put the fresh gaskets on there.

This probably going to replace it’s probably been on there since the truck was brand new, so I’m just hooking up the top of the feed line. The oil feed line to the turbo actually reminds me the first time that I ever installed the turbo on a diesel truck on a dirt. Max specifically, I forgot to install the feed line to the top and I went to go start it and I’m telling you guys the oil shot out like you, wouldn’t believe. There was a lot of pressure in these things, but I learned a very valuable lesson and it’s never happened again. We’Re going to install a fuel filter.

I have no idea when this has been replaced. It’S probably been a while it’s probably been never. This could probably be my issue too. Let’S see what this thing looks like you know it doesn’t look too bad check it out. I mean it’s dirty, but I mean there’s the difference before and after it’s not too bad, though we are all set to go.

I’M going to turn the key and see what happens so, let’s see what this China turbo can do, so upon initial startups, so upon initial startup fired up just like that. I know I started it earlier this morning, but the truck’s been sitting for about 5 hours. It took me about 3 hours to install the turbo, but usually when it sits that long and it’s a cold engine again usually takes a while to fire up. So that’s a success. That’S a win right there!
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comSo far before I even drive this thing, I’m going to just predict right now that it probably still will black smoke but maybe not as excessive. I don’t think it’s going to clear it out completely. I think we got more issues than just a turbo all right here we go see what happens. It’S still kind of black smoking a little bit. Okay, so just that little bit of throttle that I just gave it would have automatically poured out black smoke, but I did see a little hint of it just a little bit.

I don’t know if I can pick it up on camera, but let’s see what happens when I really get on it. Okay, she’s blowing black smoke, but it’s not as bad as it was guys. I mean that’s about as much as I was giving it. It’S definitely rolling out, but good news. So far, it’s not puking black smoke.

It’S definitely hazing black smoke, but it’s not puking it out like it used to that’s good great all right. Let’S see how Brave I am. Actually it is a lot peier uh 20 rolling. This truck is so slow. It’S all right, though.

It’S running better, it’s running a lot better, I’m happy just now. When I drive it, I can drive it normally without it blowing black smoke, I’m driving it normally right now and it’s not coming out of the exhaust. That’S that’s what I’m! Okay, with the only thing that sucks, though, is when I get under that turbo. Again, it’s blowing out black smoke so guys.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comLet me know in the comments what you think it could be, there’s a lot of things it could be. But again, I’m not even sure. If I want to go this far into this truck cuz, I don’t want to put a whole lot of money into it. But let me know in the comments, if I should do a video on a straight pipe exhaust system on this thing, maybe even just zip on a quick, Wicked Wheel, two on there or something like that, just to get some turbo noise going. That would be a lot of fun if this video can get to 5,000 likes, which is very, very possible because most of my videos get over 20,000 views I’ll make a video video just like that.

So just hit the like button. If we can get to 5,000 likes that’ll be my determination whether or not I make a video like that, a straight pipe exhaust, maybe a stack, I don’t know. Let me know in the comments what would be cool to do before I close this one out. It’S been about 10 mies so far and the truck is very much more responsive. So that’s definitely a win.

I’M happy was it worth it? Yes, but I just put $ 200 more dollars in this truck. I don’t know, maybe I’ll stop. You know how I am every time I say I’m going to leave it alone. I never do all right she’s on the trailer.

I know this makes zero sense. What I’m doing, but my friend Rick actually just contacted me and told me that his pickup truck died on him while he was driving, and I decided since I have this thing done. I might as well go ahead and just let him borrow it and I’ll go out there and rescue him. So I’m going to use my trailer right now, which him up on the trailer and then bring his truck home and figure out what the heck’s wrong. With that thing, so I guess the deal with this guy’s truck.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comHe was driving it and then just out of nowhere just shut off on him. His battery didn’t die. You know he can crank it, it will crank, but it won’t start. So I’m thinking it’s a fuel issue: either it could be a fuel sending unit, it could be, a fuel pump could be a fuel relay, it could be. I don’t know man could be sucking air.

There could be a lot of things that could be going on with this truck, but I guess the important thing right now is just to rescue the dude right now and luckily he died in or his vehicle died in a residential neighborhood. So we’re not going to be on the side of the road somewhere all unsafe, like so, let’s head over there right now. I got to pick up this old third gen.. What happened dude?

What happened? Tell me what happened Rick like exactly what happened like play: byplay, what happened yeah! Well, I get to the light. I’Ve been already running the truck you. I was on my way to a birthday party, a 90th birthday party.

Okay. So it was important, so you’re doing something good. It was, and actually I was going early to help the people set up for some final touches and I get to the light and now everything’s good and it just dies M and I couldn’t get it cranked over. It wouldn’t start had fuel was low, so I had some fuel in my uh in the bed of my truck. Put some fuel couple gallons didn’t want to put all 10 gallons still it wasn’t the problem right, yeah, it’s not fuing fuel.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comObviously, it’s not bringing the fuel to the engine, it wants to turn it’s not electrical. Did you kill the battery already? No, I haven’t done it all right. So well we’re not going to try to start it. I think we’re just going to go ahead and pull it up on the trailer, so SS good, awesome man.

Well, it looks like I’ll be working on a Dodge yay thanks, buddy yay. So I guess we blocked traffic uh. We had to use the jumper cables and instead of my jump pack, the jump pack worked last time. I used this thing believe it or not, but for some reason it kept cutting out on me, so it wasn’t working right and these cheap, like $ 5 um dude, it started melting. Where did you buy these from?

I didn’t buy them, they were free from? Oh, that’s, okay from some repo guy in California. Ow, I’m glad that uh you had him, though touching it ow. I it’s hot, but I can’t stop touching it well, it’s not your fault. I should have brought jumper cables.

I should have known better, but I didn’t have enough time because he needed to get his truck out of the road, and I had this in the garage what this called fever. 13,000,000. 13,000 lb. That’S all that matters. Just a cheap winch looks beefy though it does.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comIt it does, it looks good, but I just threw it on there really quick, so we can get him at a Dodge here. Oh I had a Dodge. It’S a Dodge! All right! We got you at a Dodge yeah.

Now you got to buy a. What do you want to buy you going to buy a Chevy? I want a GMC, but I don’t have the money for it. Yeah yeah. I don’t blame you they’re expensive yeah.

Those are for rich people all right, so we have it on the trailer I’m going to have him get up there. He almost lost it. Uh he’s going to turn the key. I want to listen, actually get a closer, listen since it’s up here on the trailer to the fuel pump, which is right here in the tank, and I want to see if I can hear it, I don’t think I am yeah. I don’t even hear the fuel pump on.

Let us know in the comments guys. What do you think pretty sure it’s a fuel pump yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s a fuel pump, so uh yeah I’ll do some more diag. When I get home, this isn’t going to be fun. Luckily, it’s a California truck. Did you guys see this look, look check it out.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comLook how clean that frame. Is man? Look at those iners, it’s crazy! You don’t see them like this up here in Michigan. It’S a rarity man this day just turned into a longer day, which is good, and it’s actually really good news by the way so Shannon at a andd, you guys remember, Shannon he’s the one painting or he’s the one that painted the orange truck.

He just texted me and told me that him and the other guy Jimmy that did my rockers and Corners there just finished prepping the front bumper and the rear bumper and it’s ready to shoot color tomorrow morning. So what I’m going to do now? What time is it it’s? 8? It’S 8:00 p.

Tonight already man, I’ve been at this since, like 8:00, a
M. this morning, just working, but what I’m going to do is I’m going to unload um the Dodge. But after that I’m going to go ahead and pull the sunkiss out of the garage garage and I am going to load it on the trailer tonight. Because I got to be there at 6:00 a.

. in the morning, yeah lots of stuff going on, so I’m going to head to the house right now and unload and then load man I’ll. Tell you what I cannot wait to finish this truck. We’Re almost there looks good from the side, but obviously we’re missing some pieces. If you guys remember, I’m doing a hidden hitch, roll pan idea in the rear, it’s going to be all smoothed.
This Is What Happened When I Installed The Cheapest Ebay Turbo I Could Find For My Diesel Truck! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comIt’S going to look good and then up here in the front, we’re doing a paint match front bumper we’re going to do the DRL c-shaped notched headlights, uh Chrome face! So it’s going to have the Chrome in the front to match the rims. It’S going to be a good looking ride, so in conclusion of this video, I’m really glad that this truck is actually able to help somebody, not this one but the green one. Because again it’s just a truck that I bought at of in pulse. It was only 700 bucks.

I mean why not, but it couldn’t have happened at a better time and not only that he’s going to put some miles on that turbo that I installed. Actually I just thought about it. Sorry Rick, it’s a China turbo. Hopefully it works out for you buddy, but I’m sure it will but give me some more suggestions. What should I do to the truck truck without breaking the bank?

The 65 L turbo diesel um and also give me some ideas on what I should look for. Maybe something simple: I don’t know to fix that black smoke issue. It might be something really easy. I will see you guys later make sure you subscribe hit the notification Bell. You guys can’t miss this next episode.

It’S going to be huge. It’S going to be a big deal and man I just got another truckload of parts coming in for it I’ll share that with you, too looks like I’m going to have an all nighter with this truck, because I got a lot of to install on it, but We’Ll see you on the next one stay tuned,

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