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Testing the New EDGE EVO HT2 for 2020 - 2022 L5P Duramax!

Testing the New EDGE EVO HT2 for 2020 - 2022 L5P Duramax! 
Um, I just took this thing for a test drive and this extreme tune is no joke at all. Um, wow dude, it pulls really hard and you can feel the torque um right when I was getting on the on-ramp of a freeway right here, because I figured that would be the best time to do it. Um, it was peeling out the 37s like no problem. Um, wow dude, that’s a trip for emissions on like a box tuner that was fast. Alright, here we are with the Evo ht2 and all the unlock cables and devices that we have inside the box here. We’re gonna jump into it with the truck right now and uh, just go through the whole process.
I’m gonna make it streamlined and as quick as I can, um and tell you guys what I think. Keep in mind when I tell you what my opinion is, I mean even down to two days ago, I was driving a truck. It’s fully deleted intake, you know aftermarket turbo, you know all that. Um, so I mean there’s some guys that I know that are around here that will let me do that and um. So while that doesn’t have trans tuning or anything, um, you know, I guess it’s kind of irrelevant. I’m excited that this is going to have trans tuning with the HD2, but I just want to let you guys know like whatever my opinion is.
h&s mini maxx https://www.handsminimaxx.com
Just that’s my background and uh: it’s not to just compare it to one thing. This isn’t my first diesel truck and you know when we’re doing customer builds get to test some of these tuners with and without lift kits. You know stock tires 37s, 40s um so got a good variation of where I think this thing’s gonna fall into, and I think it’s going to be on the higher end of that scale. Just because we got a fully unlocked, ECM and TCM to play with, and then the TCM I mean it’s so laggy the way it is so I’m super stoked to find out how this thing’s gonna drive, how it’s going to shift uh and I’m excited to calibrate for the tire size. I really want to know like not that I’m gonna sit here and complain about MPGs, but I just curious like where I’m at, especially when I’m flicking through like the gauges. You know like what is my true speed once you have the your actual speed on there and that’s, like you, know the correct speed all the time you know what your miles are. You know what your MPGs are all that stuff.
So um gonna do loading the economy file and you know just give that a whirl for a little bit and just see what happens and then uh, you know again give you guys my opinion. Maybe there may be a second part to this video because they can’t tell you everything. Just my first initial reaction, I can’t tell you about DEF consumption. I can’t tell you, I can’t tell you about all of that. The questions you’re gonna have because well, by the time this video is done and published.
Testing the New EDGE EVO HT2 for 2020 - 2022 L5P Duramax! 
I’m probably only gonna have a couple of hours at most uh into this truck with the tuning device. So anyways, let’s jump to it, let’s finish with the computer. So now we’re gonna try and flash it again. Awesome says it’s still locked.
Now we’re going to use the unlock cable. You can install the cable now. So that’s what we’re going to do. Next, we’ve got the fuse box open a few 78 right here, slide that guy on do the rest of it in the cab. You’re gonna run that cable that you saw um into the locksmith device itself.
Plugging this there wiring is going to be just like that for now power this up, so it’s gonna actually turn the ignition on ignition’s on ready to begin engine unlock process. You’re gonna unlock, complete it says, remove unlock cable and replace the original fuse. There’s another module to unlock, such as the TCM. Do it now, if not plug the tuner into the OBD2 port, so we’re going to step into the TCM now tab on the back of this push it in pull this up super easy and then this is going to come right off and now it’s just dangling there. Now we’re gonna get the unlock and we’re gonna put it facing down, and the mechanism is actually going to go the opposite way and the wires are going to point up towards the hood of the engine. We’re gonna get that installed on.
Here so plugged in the positive negative, and the only thing left now to plug in is this into the Evo HD2. So we plug this into here, we’re plugged into the harness now, so that harness is getting plugged into three different spots again to the locksmith which the Evo is plugged into here, and then this to the power. And then the other third part is going to the TCM on the other side of the truck. Alright, let’s go through this now ready for transmission unlock process takes up to 10 minutes. Make sure your battery is good, continue, unlock, complete right here and just hit.
(246) Testing the New EDGE EVO HT2 for 2020 - 2022 L5P Duramax! [Unlocks & Tunes ECM & TCM!!] 00-04-02
Okay, now it’s saying to remove everything if there’s another module to unlock, do it now, but obviously there’s not, and then now we can plug the tuner into the truck. We’re gonna do uh, we’re gonna do economy, foreign. Yes, we want to customize rev limiter, nope, speed, limiter, we’ll do a raised value gear ratio, tire size again we’re going to have to go measure those right now. We know these are at 37, but I’m just gonna kind of get an idea. What this actually measures, it’s about a 35 and a half we’ll do maybe like 35 75 
Keep drive mode, I don’t care throttle boost, you know, I don’t know we could do 10.
Maybe I’m gonna do five idle Park. Rpm idle Drive RPM. So I don’t care about any of that stuff. Now it’s going to build the tune file for us preparing for vehicle module flash. This is for the TCM just finishing this up, he’s going to want to power all the way down, so we’re gonna hop in the truck right now and uh.
Do everything he’s talking about and keep in mind, there’s no okay button or anything like that? It’s just saying, please wait. Gonna do this on its own and all this process took maybe about 30 seconds, got no check engine lights or anything like that. We’re gonna get some vehicles moved, so we can go. Give this thing a try.
Go get this thing. Unplugged get my amp steps plugged in so I don’t fall out of the truck alright, so we got the economy tune in here. It’s about 90 horsepower over stock feels pretty good uh already. I could tell just from putting my foot in it that the shifts are a little bit faster and a little bit firmer. So I think that’s going to be one of the things that um you guys are really going to like adding transmission TV.
I think this platform really really needed it we’re at right here. It’s definitely faster than it’s ever been anything else. I’ve had on the truck. That’s pretty quick for the economy to 2 45. If we want that’s a it’s, a nice chunk of power in torque, it’s nothing crazy!
Like my deleted LML I had before, but uh it definitely gets up and moves. So I’m really excited to try that next power level alright day, two keep in mind, everything’s, unlocked and done and tuned on the economy tunes. So now we’re gonna try the extreme tune. Shut the door. Do all this good stuff and then we’ll take it on a drive.
This thing is quick. Oh my God wait till we leave this stoplight over here. Let’s hit the left side here, wow when it grabs the gear. It goes like there’s a heck of a lot. Less hesitation than there ever was well, I just finished the test drive after doing the economy and now the extreme – and I can tell you guys, wow um, stick around in this video like this is gonna, be it’s gonna, be a game changer with the ECM and TCM tuning uh super excited to actually get like some longer drives under my belt other than just driving a couple exits down the freeway.
Something for you guys to keep in mind. If you like this product, I will put the uh description down below. Maybe not exactly at the time of launching this um, but in just a couple of weeks this is going to be available to you guys, and not only can you come support me, but you’ll get it better than anyone else and the reason I say that is is I always do with the Pulsar V3 and the cts3 combo from Edge next day, shipping uh Monday through Thursday. You will get it the next day. If you order Friday you’ll get it Monday um same thing here, you want to do uh the Edge ht2, I’m going to throw that in that bundle too.
So all you got to do is no discount code just go over and click the uh priority. Shipping you’re going to see that it’s zero dollars, it’s actually the cheapest option and I will ship it to you free next day, air. You can get some instant gratification. Forget Amazon, forget Steve Jobs, no Jeff Bezos wow. That was a bad one.
I don’t know if I’ll edit, that out um we’re gonna get it to you one day, not two. Maybe I’ll start driving them to you guys at 4am put them at your doorstep, because I want to be the best, so anyways check down below Scoville motorsports.com. If you’re not sure and again, you guys can come support me, that’s the only thing that makes sense for making these videos by the way um is not for the YouTube ad revenue at all. I could do without the 15 I’m gonna make on this article.

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