11-23 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke CCV/PCV Reroute/Delete Engine Ventilation Kit



11-23 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke CCV/PCV Reroute/Delete Engine Ventilation Kit




Why are the bolts in the CCV kit I received too short?

The image on the left shows the Catch Can installation diagram, while the image on the right displays the CCV kit installation diagram. If you purchased the CCV Reroute + Catch Can, the arrow labeled ‘1’ indicates the bolt insertion point, and ‘2’ represents the location for installing the Catch Can. Due to the Catch Can being installed within the CCV kit, the bolt at position ‘1’ may be insufficient in length.

Why are the ‘Function CCV Reroute + Catch Can’ and ‘Ordinary CCV Reroute + Catch Can’ purchases shipped in separate packages?

These two items, the Catch Can and the Function CCV Reroute, were produced in separate batches, which is why the initial shipment is split into two packages. However, for the upcoming second batch, both items will be shipped together in a single package. We anticipate that the second batch will be shipped in late October.”


  • Product Type: CCV PCV ReRoute/Delete Kit && CCV Internal Catch Can
  • Fits : 2011-2023 6.7L Powerstroke Diesel ( Include Cab & Chassis )

Variant selection: 

Function CCV Reroute(SKU:SPIS26010):It can complete the CCV reroute function and has the effect of cooling and reflow(6 Feet 3/4‘’ Hose)

Ordinary CCV Reroute(SKU:SPIS26016):It can complete CCV reroute function(6 Feet 3/4‘’ Hose)

CCV Internal Catch Can(SKU:IS08391): Remove oil molecules from the crankcase vent vapor ( Because it is a brand new product, the delivery will be sent out one after another according to the order, and it is expected to be slower )

Function CCV Reroute + Catch Can(SKU:SPKT26010):Can complete CCV reroute function and has the effect of cooling and reflow(6 Feet 3/4‘’ Hose)+ CCV Internal Catch Can(remove oil molecules from the crankcase vent vapor)

Ordinary CCV Reroute + Catch Can(SKU:SPKT26016):Can complete CCV reroute function(6 Feet 3/4‘’ Hose)+ CCV Internal Catch Can(remove oil molecules from the crankcase vent vapor)

CCV Reroute/Delete Benefits:

  • Vents crankcase blow by— decreasing oil deposits in the engine
  • No boot soak, intake gumming, etc.— increases the longevity of parts
  • Eliminates the need for the crankcase box on the top of the engine— frees up room for more activities under the hood
  • Venturi-style design— eliminates the need for restrictive baffles
  • Virtually no oil loss— no need to worry about puddles under your truck
  • Streamline routing with no angles— provides better pressure flow & no oil dripping
  • Includes ¾” 6Ft 100% silicone reinforced hose— designed for oil applications
  • Black Anodized components for better durability

This Crankcase Ventilation System provides a SOLID solution to eliminate unwanted crankcase pressure and effectively eliminate any power-robbing crankcase pressure. This is also a nice way to clean up your engine bay for more room for modifications. This is the best way to be sure your engine is getting the cleanest oil residue-free air ensuring the strongest combustion and best engine efficiency.

This will also stop the normal oily residue and sludge that collects in the intercooler and factory intercooler pipes. Service Free Crank Case Vent that includes a complete Venturi System to give an easy installation without having to buy additional parts or unnecessary trips to the auto parts store.

CCV Internal Catch Can Benefits:

Removes oil molecules.The CCV Internal Catch Can (ICC) is designed to remove oil molecules from the crankcase vent vapor while utilizing the void internal to the 6.7 Powerstroke valve cover converting it to function as a catch can. This part gives the customer all the benefits of a catch can with none of the downfalls. Unlike other catch cans that require external mounting or necessary draining, the CCV ICC requires neither. With the CCV ICC there is a notch cut in the baffle so when positive pressure is released (ex. the vehicles turned off) and the oil can drain back to the pan. This creates a no maintenance design with all of the positives of a catch can.

Engineered Design. The CCV Internal Catch Can was carefully designed to ensure minimal pressure drop across the baffles.  See figures 1 & 2 for more details. This allowed for basically no restriction in air flow while still filtering the oil from the vapor. This also helps greatly in diminishing smell and oil droplets.

Perfectly designed. It was also taken into consideration that some customers may have another brand CCV reroute kit on their vehicle. The CCV Internal Catch Can was designed to work with almost all kits on the market, although its design and flange shape does compliment the CCV reroute kit the best. The CCV ICC is a great option for high performance applications with high crankcase output/ flow or customers who just want to reduce smell or vapor output.


Function CCV Reroute + Catch Can/Black, Function CCV Reroute + Catch Can/Red, Function CCV Reroute + Catch Can/Sliver, Ordinary CCV Reroute + Catch Can/Black, Ordinary CCV Reroute + Catch Can/Red, Ordinary CCV Reroute + Catch Can/Sliver, Function CCV Reroute/Black, Function CCV Reroute/Red, Function CCV Reroute/Sliver, Ordinary CCV Reroute/Black, Ordinary CCV Reroute/Red, Ordinary CCV Reroute/Sliver, CCV Internal Catch Can