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New Dual Rate Coil 2.5" Leveling kit on F250 Platinum

New Dual Rate Coil 2.5 Leveling kit on F250 Platinum https://handsminimaxx.com
Coil, looking good th right exhaust check, yep sounds about right all right! Well, all right! Here we are again. We are on the Platinum today we’re going to take a look and we’re going to see if a dual rate coil spring rides better. Worse, the same as a standard coil spring, all right, so really fast.
What we’re working with today! This is a ready, lift 2 and 1/2 in leveling coil uh for the 2017 and up Super Duties. I actually think they go way back in years um. So what you can see here is this is a standard rate coil, meaning it’s just a one spring rate type deal. The easiest way to tell real quick by looking at it is the spacing in between the coils is the same all the way through the whole coil.
If you want to measure it, you know we’re looking at you know approximately one and A4 heavy inch spacing across every coil on the whole spring, and if you don’t know, the reason why we’re taking these off is because they’re absolutely hammered with rust. All the coating uh is is gone so there’s about 3 years and about 35,000 miles driven with harsh Winters, and these didn’t hold up too good visually. Now, if you want to get extremely technical, I didn’t really notice a difference in the ride between Factory to this. Now, moving to the Dual rate, coil, it’s a lot heavier. I mean not a lot couple pounds heavier now the quickest way to identify a dual rate.
Coil is so what that means is. There is essentially two spring rates built into one spring rate: we’re not going to put on lab cats, we’re not going to get out our freaking science calendar here and try to figure this out scientifically we’re just going to look at it. We’Re going to tell you so on the bottom: you see the standard spacing standard standard, all the way up to about 3/4 of the way you see Standard Spring, spacing in between all the coil spring. All the coils. Now, when you get to the top side, is where you’ll see a tighter coil spacing so always you can tell a do spring rate, normally most 99 % or 100 % of the time, the coils on the topNew Dual Rate Coil 2.5 Leveling kit on F250 Platinum https://handsminimaxx.comIf it is a dual spring rate, coil you’ll see them tighter at the top very simple to identify. You see the standard spacing through here through here through here 3/4. The way up, oh, they start getting tighter the last quarter of the way. So you can see how tight it is. It’S about a finger width on the top four coils and and then boom.
It goes into the two finger which is you’re about an inch and you know quarter heavy. So what that means is this is your Standard Spring rate here for normal driving, comfortability, so you’ll feel normal and then once the spring gets compressed more. If you’re hitting jumps bumps holes in the road, whatever it’ll hit, it’ll go into the tighter spring rate, the heavier spring rate, up top keeping it from bottoming and keeping your handling. You know stable rather than just having a soft spring in there, where you’re just laming around. So that’s a quick two cent story on Dole spring rates.
Quick explanation, I’m sure I botched that to the proper spring guys get in the comments. Give me a nice roas thing which will be okay um. So, yes, this here is an icon, dual rate 2 and 1/2. In coil. There you go price difference, um, uh, the the ready lift kit, which is a 2 and 1/2 in kit.
It comes with track bar drop bracket, uh shock extension sway bar drop brackets and stuff. So it’s a pretty it’s a pretty complete kit in the terms of what you would want and that’s about 600 bucks of $ 5.99. If you take out the the so, if you try to just figure out the pricing of the coil you’ll, probably in the ballpark you’ll probably be in the ballpark, is somewhere around 400 bucks for the ready, lift coils. Now the icon dual rate, coil – is about $ 439, so essentially $ 39, more for the icon and on the bench on the table here.
New Dual Rate Coil 2.5 Leveling kit on F250 Platinum https://handsminimaxx.com
These do seem a lot better and on paper you know, a a dual rate spring in theory on paper would perform better. It would keep your your comfort drivability on the bottom 3/4 of the coil, which is your normal average driving. And then, if you get a little more aggressive into the driving you’re going to ride into the into the upper part into the stiffer part of the spring, which keeps it from bottoming and keeps that stability. So it seems like these would be better. But we’re going to slap them onto this truck the 2017, which is right there and we’re going to drive it and we’re going to see how they feel.
So, let’s go all right, so lengthwise, the new dual rate: coil, the icon. Coils are this about the same length as the as the ready lift coils um. So what I did here to remove those it’s very self-explanatory. If you don’t know, you should probably YouTube it, but I’ll give you a quick two cents story, disconnected display, barard, disconnected the brake line bracket and disconnected the lower shock mounts and dropped the axle that should give you enough room to remove and replace the coil. If you don’t take off some more stuff or get some spring compressors, no, so on a real note, I’m just going to put those back in and we’re going to raise this up, connect.
Everything and we’re going to drive should be uh should be fairly straightforward, but you never know now guys. I have seen some botched coil springs installed. I’Ve seen coil springs installed upside down. I’Ve I’ve seen coil springs installed without them turned properly into the stop on the bottom coil bucket Mount. I have seen all kinds of crazy stuff when it comes to coil springs, going on a truck.
It’S not rocket. Science. Take your time if it doesn’t look right redo, it oh see that I need uh. I need about 2 in now. I didn’t really want to get into disconnecting a whole bunch of stuff in here, because it just M.New Dual Rate Coil 2.5 Leveling kit on F250 Platinum https://handsminimaxx.comYou know I just don’t want to do it, but we might have to do it or we get the spring compressor in there push it down a little bit. Let’S try going the top way, first freaking, all right. So I put the spring compressors on there just a little bit just a tiny bit. You don’t need to go crazy and get all sketchy. You just got to get get it, get it a little bit and look at that.
It’S going to go right in there, I’m glad I found these coils. They were just sitting. They were just sitting in the back brand new box sitting over there. I said jeez I’ll put them on, but all right, I’m going to get these off. Let me get that other side on we’ll get this buttoned up and we’ll go !
Well, there’s nothing else left here for us to do. We got everything on and torqued. I guess it’s tight um. I got to move the blue truck and we got to take this thing for a drive. Why is all the vehicles always out of gas everything’s out of gas, all righty ready?
Oh start right up, left the door open tight, squeeze tight squeeze! Oh yeah check this out, maybe I’ll throw it up on the second Channel. I looked at another shop today. If you guys know there’s a second. I got a second Channel where I’m putting just random stuff on.
New Dual Rate Coil 2.5 Leveling kit on F250 Platinum https://handsminimaxx.com
 I looked at a second show up to look at TRX out there. Um do an update on that. Let me get out shut the door wow. Is this thing dude this thing is sick coil. Looking good D rate exhaust check.
Yep sounds about right all right. Oh, we got to drive it. Windshield is a little Dusty been in the shop for a little while all right I mean it. It feels good there. There is no denying that it does not feel good.
It feels good forgot how much power this thing had all right, so uh you know round Town driving feels it feels great around town feels really good. I should probably put on my seat belt. I wouldn’t say it necessarily feels stiffer, but it definitely feels sturdy. I mean they are brand new coils, so uh, there’s some good bumps on this road, we’ll hit them see how they feel all right, Highway, uh yeah, it definitely is, is sturdy. What it almost feels like is it almost feels stiffer like it’s more stable now.
Is it a huge difference? Absolutely not. It is not a huge difference. I I can honestly barely tell anything um it’s just. It just feels a little stiffer feels a little tighter.
New Dual Rate Coil 2.5 Leveling kit on F250 Platinum https://handsminimaxx.com
 If that makes any sense like moving the steering wheel back and forth, there’s not much sway or any body Ru or anything it’s it’s more planted hitting bumps yeah definitely feels a little little stiffer uh, but I I kind of like it not going to lie, but Is it a huge difference, not a chance? I we’re doing about 80, and it’s just really really sturdy really firm. I wouldn’t say it’s a harsh ride. It’S just you know more feels more stable. It’S the best way I can describe it, it’s not, but it’s not a huge difference, but I can tell you right off the bat right off top my head for $ 30 difference.
I’M 100 % going with these coils over over the over the standard coils. So all right guys, uh Highway Cruise everything’s great Everything, feels awesome. I really forgot how much I like this truck uh we’re headed back to the shop, we’ll wrap this thing up and uh good ride nice ride for sure all right, guys, that’s it! That is the test. The first initial test, with the Dual rate coils now my best way to describe those is that it feels a little more firm, a little more like soft, but firm like it still takes the bumps nice, but it feels stable.
Okay, so like is there a huge difference? No would I recommend those over the other ones? Yes, but if you already have the other ones, not a huge deal now, if you were were running like way more aggressive, off-road type stuff, where you’re like really hitting some nasty stuff on a daily basis, yeah, then you could go D rate I feel like that. Would be like a a must, but it’s not a huge deal. It’S not like this big, elaborate thing where you, oh, my goodness, I got a freaking that no no, no, no!
No! They are nicer. It’S not a huge difference, but for the same price is kind of deal yeah. Definitely, if you’re going to get those get the dual rates, I feel like a lot of the guys that I talk to don’t even know those du rate coils even exist. You know a lot of the coils out.
New Dual Rate Coil 2.5 Leveling kit on F250 Platinum https://handsminimaxx.com
 There are just standard coil um like if you look at Carly, I think Carly’s dual rate, I don’t know if thurin dual rate. U, but a lot of the higher end, off-road type style, suspension kits. Companies deals are dual rate coils, so it definitely would you know, make a difference for off-road stuff and obviously it should. It should ride better on the road if it still feels soft but more stable. It’S like the it’s.
I don’t know. Don’T don’t roast me bear with me on this. What I did uh realize is. I realized that that truck is set up so nicely. I absolutely L the thing it’s such a nice truck.
I haven’t drove it for a long time. It’S been in here. It’S been around, it’s just hasn’t hasn’t gotten driven and I love it. Wow is that nice, but all right guys. So there you go dual rate.
Coils definitely recommend them um. It rides really good firm but still hits the bumps. Nice feels stable. They go on good. The coating seems better, they seem higher quality than the ready, lift ones um.
So yeah, it’s it’s a no-brainer. If you’re getting a leveling kit, if you’re going to get a coil leveling kit, not just a spacer, do a dual raate coil 100 %, but guys check out the second Channel, be the first link in description uh. It’S where we’re posting all the random stuff. Like we’ll do gas stuff over there we’ll keep this this channel, mainly diesel um like we got the TRX still we got maybe potentially the C10 behind the camera here, uh we’re going to do a lot of cool stuff over there, just random Vlog stuff, just raw, Like we’ll see you on the next one, maybe we’ll go check out that new building 

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