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I climbed Mt Everest in my 6.0 Powerstroke

I climbed Mt Everest in my 6.0 Powerstroke https://www.handsminimaxx.com

Foreign, oh building fire with Clayton here how to start a fire, find a fire and add to the fire. It’S perfect! We’Re gon na try to build a fire. That’S bigger than the truck right here and we’re gon na have a huge bonfire and then yeah push lights, warm that up right here, wow yeah! Then the wind comes through it.

Just exercise. Look at this all right, a couple more logs. It should be a little bit bigger than a truck. Let’S get some more logs, all right, as you can see here, it’s been about it nice that was much watch and enjoy. You should run it over the truck.

No, these Trails over here. That’S the bed bouncing up and down back there how fast you need to go through these trails. Probably shouldn’t go to 30 40 50.. Oh whoa, oh we’re going only like 30.

hey way too fast, we’re gon na jump. This thing yeah clearly oh shoot. We were only doing like 30. There, we’re gold, remember the side by side; okay, go on your foot! Oh that one!

Oh, let’s see guys [! Sorry about that! That’S me down there, get it out of the way. I even got a foot: reverse she still in first gear: hey foreign , foreign, oh yeah, but some Hunter’s gon na be coming up through here, looks like some kind of 14 wide with some empty amps.

He went that way. The hell was he doing up in here. As you can tell, this is the biggest mountain in the United States. This is Mount Mount Everest out here. Tell and we’re gon na go out and climb well.

This is just a little baby test. Hill, look at this black! Well, this black, you can see all and all the way up. I was geeked look at all this teared up this little stuff. It’S not bad, but we’re just out of here out Mount Everest National Forest and we’re gon na.

Why is the turn signal on? I don’t know you did that I didn’t that was you, but this was just a baby little test till right here we went up here. We come out in the United States, see Mount Everest it’s over there somewhere it’s over there somewhere it’s over there, so we’re gon na go, find it and uh we’re gon na climb up it, because this little gal 14 wides on her and everything come down here. We got ta show you got the old hair dog on there and everything we got new, bigger injectors, 205s 30s in this old gal holders. Injectors of course, look at this nice air dog down here in all our fuel because we need it.

We need lots of fuel just throw it out. It’S supposed to snow like three inches tomorrow, but let’s hurry up go found my Mount Everest before it’s got 15 foot of snow on it well looks like the elk have been out here. Look at this tree branches. All the way up here broke, look at this with Buck Rub right here I had to have met an elf or something look at all that sap come out of the tree like oh, no, okay, bye, look at this truck’s down there I was driving by and Seen it nice, let’s see what other buck rubs we can find up in here, wow more hazy through here. What happened you all right over here, we’re slowly making our way up there about another 1500 feet right here: hey this grass right here!

She is burnt! Burp as well, why is it just a red little black spot in the middle of the world? The thing they have. We have no idea for zero. Six, oh dude!

This bed is gon na fall off. Look at this every time I had a decent little bump. This thing bounces around, like a freaking, bouncing ball at a bouncy alley. Oh I’ve got a coolant. Jug stuffed up underneath right here, so it’ll hit the cab because you can see got a little coolant jug up in there , oh yeah!

Well, there’s a guy right: there he’s not behind us he’s trying to call it game. Warden on us, We should heat up the rest of the way. There’S that goal right there by the clip foreign. You know: third, point for photographs.

What happens? right now, yeah, we’ve just climbed a stout. Look at this boys we’ll fix those down there. Look at this nice view up here might be a little windy, not sure you can hear me, but look at this six Stills down there we’re on a cliff whoo boys. Look at that down player check.

That’S a little drop. Almost almost gon na hit the truck there there’s a trail right there, we’re gon na try to eat back, but all we did. We just yeaded off the trail right there and made our own all the way you can see right there. We can roll a little bit of coal rolled some more right there coming up right, that’s where we got stuck two-wheel drive there and I think that’s finally, where we had to put in full drive and make it around this corner right here, all right, boys and Girls, ladies and gentlemen and people of people you see over here way Donald there’s, another Ridge, that’s way taller than us, and there looks like there’s a trail that runs right across right there or something if we can get over there get up. On top of that trail, we might be able to climb up that little Cliff, get up on top and get a picture from over here at the 60 just sitting on top of the cliff but yeah.

I’M trying to trip me up. I think we could make this in the bed. Do it do it? It’S a bumper. Oh oh little boy, oh tailgate or something.

Oh. Yes, we got a bush light here. It’S not empty, but it’s not full either. So we’re gon na see if we can make it into the bed. So it’s well worth Bush light.

It’S going to waste a little bit of bunch of light, but it’s gon na be well worth it. No I’m done! I’M done! We just wasted that much like! Well, that’s a good way.

It is free get down there. You’Re gone, oh you’re, not taking her down the mountain now again uh making her journey down. It’S nothing too exciting, just making her lead out in the mountain. We’Re gon na hop on this Trail right here. Slight Trail here I don’t know what the Caleb is, but we’re about to find out about 2.

seconds, because you can run over this pine tree right here. You better get the hell out of my way. You stupid you idiot, there’s a bug on my phone: hey get up there, ready, , get that I didn’t call for Free, Loaders, wow slamming on the brakes right straight up this. What do you think came here to climb also, foreign foreign? You see that little girl up there.

We climbed that, with this old Gap. Look at this came in right through here climbed that old gal. That’S about 20. 000 feet foreign. Thank you.

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foreign. It was very far the average kid was right down the road, but the old guy didn’t break nothing broke on. Her. Did a full inspection very closely, nothing broke. There was nothing anything wrong with it.

Weeded up the old Mount Everest up in there I mean don’t say those Hills were tiny, because those were Hills were about the size of the United States of America, and we climbed right up that. I would like to see your bicycle even try, because it won’t because it’s a piece of junk but Mount Everest down next one we got which we climb. Next, let me know what we climb next, let me know what favorite part of the video was. Was it flying through the trails four thousand mile an hour, or was it climbing Mount Everest a little bit of what else we should climb or what other Hills we should try or mud bogs or something we have to try something we got to put some stuff To the test of this, because that test, we put it through nothing, I thought it was going to give it a little bit of struggling but barely even try. We didn’t even touch the skinny pedal on this old gal.

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We just idled through Mount Everest. The entire way didn’t have to try some very important news, something we’ve been working on for years, thousands of years and it is going to change the entire. I can tell you too much because if I tell you too much you’ll know too much and you ain’t gon na you don’t have to know too much right now, so you’ll probably know a little bit more in the next couple weeks. Let me know what y’all thought of the video and don’t be an idiot. All right, don’t be an idiot

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