I Built The BADDEST Anylevel F450 on the planet! *INSANE PAINT JOB*

I Built The BADDEST Anylevel F450 on the planet! *INSANE PAINT JOB*
https://www.handsminimaxx.comOh . Let me do a little introduction, so everybody that doesn’t know uh about like 2 or 3 months ago. I bought this any level. 450 uh. It was really nice.

It had this ugly ass blue wrap all over it, and I called my buddy Anker here and he was like hey. Why don’t we just paint it real quick? It was white underneath the wrap, so we didn’t want to keep it white cuz, that’s boring! Uh. We debated on pink, we debated on lime, green was an option and then I was like you know them them.

New Fords are really nice, but I’m too poor to afford one. I asked my dad for a wance and he said no could paint it. The new AER gray, so now we have two gray Aluma duties and one is behind that door. I have got like little sneak peek pictures of it. I haven’t seen the whole thing yet God I guess I guess.

Are you ready? I’M not ready, but I don’t know how I should I’m going to try to contain my excitement a little bit holy , oh my God. So, first off did we do okay, holy  hi, who cleaned this thing you did. Thank you. That looks insane it look better than when I dropped it off, I’m like actually kind of speechless.

I oh I forgot. We did polish overlays too, so whenever picked it up, it had a whole bunch of like brown overlays. It was a blue truck with brown overlays and brown Wheels. I didn’t really like it that much but brand new polish overlays on the whole thing the Chrome accents hit so hard. Now, oh, my that’s too nice for me on the inside.

Look they like vacuum! The carpet and everything I’ve never had. I’Ve never had a truck this clean, I’m going to have to wear like plastic booties when I’m driving this truck now, so I don’t get it all, dirty still, sorry, just making sure just making sure it works. Sheesh shees shees sheesh, oh my you haven’t seen, they are absolutely retro Customs did the color match tail lights and, as always, they freaking killed it wow and I hate these tail lights like 2017 forwards, like nobody ever, does them good. These look really nice color match.
I Built The BADDEST Anylevel F450 on the planet! *INSANE PAINT JOB*
https://www.handsminimaxx.comEverything’S color match 10 out of 10. I, like it, 30in atxs 42s. This is a one baller ass truck and it literally could be sitting in somebody’s driveway. That’S not mine very soon for like a t-shirt which is insane go to shop gf.com well after this video is up so in like two weeks shop gf.

om and this could be sitting in your driveway. Let’S drive it outside. I know. There’S no sun, but, like I dude, we missed it by like an hour Dam. It looks so good in the light that gray hits so hard.

I in the Pol overlays, oh my God, that, like AB, I really wasn’t a fan of the lifts. Whenever we put the truck up because of all the brown accents, but that looks really really really good now that front end is mean as hell. This might be my favorite truck ever. Why I’m not going to drive anything else? We just got Megan back too and I’m not going to want to drive right.

I think it’s sick you’re also like 12 years old, you think anything’s sick. At this point, he’s like it’s lifted, that’s cool! It’S lifted! That’S cool! Look at that spark!

On the P! Oh, you can see, is a camera? Probably don’t even do it justice how insane this color is all right, so I’m going to buy three more then we’re going to paint them all this color. Actually. Can we just paint everything this color everything Megan?

This Color Cowboy I’ll just bring it back, we’ll paint that then we’ll get started. It’S close, but it’s it’s not the same. Not it, though I left the do little at home. We are throwing away this trailer and buying Grandpa do little . I brought you a an any level.
I Built The BADDEST Anylevel F450 on the planet! *INSANE PAINT JOB*
https://www.handsminimaxx.comI didn’t even see this truck yeah. I know I kind of forget the vehicle that you have. I also be forgetting what I own, but like this one is quite possibly one of my favorites. You made out yeah yeah yeah yeah. They finin got 30s 42s.

We just put the Polish overlays and everything on it at the paint shop. You got. You got a couple more to throw on, but they’re like half done right now. So yesterday we pulled up when we picked up the any level from anchor. My paint guy absolutely killed it on the paint shop.

It’S is there gray. You know this color, it’s gray, it’s uh! It’S not like that gray, though it’s it’s pretty more like like that gray. It’S not like that gray. It’S like the best gray ever.

I saw this whenever the I think it’s 2023 or 2024. I saw the truck roll off the assembly line and I was like dude: that’s like the most baller factory color I’ve ever seen in my entire life. It’S like hey. I got this 2022 here, let’s just paint it and then I accidentally painted the only AER Gray. 2022 in the country – and it happens to be in any level and it’s freaking, beautiful and you’re going to buy it just kidding.

You can enter to win it. We’Re giving this one away. We pied the truck up yesterday from paint 99 %. Perfect anchor. Did the color match on the headlights, headlights on trucks are hit or miss with color matching either you seal them absolutely perfect and there’s no leaks whatsoever and you can run them for 5 years and they’ll never have any issues or the sealant cures the wrong way And it ends up having moisture them.

Unfortunately, that’s the situation we have here can’t see it now, but yesterday, when we picked up, there was a little bit of moisture at the bottom of the headlight, so we are going to take these out today I got a guy in Indianapolis, that’s going to break Them apart again, reeal them so there’s no moisture inside and then we can have a not foggy headlight cuz. That is not ideal. We got to do the headlights and anchor forgot last minute to buy these little plastic pieces for the bumper. Whenever I bought the truck, they didn’t have them putting the bumper together. He was like something’s missing and he don’t have the pieces for him.
I Built The BADDEST Anylevel F450 on the planet! *INSANE PAINT JOB*
https://www.handsminimaxx.comSo he’s at the dealer calling every single dealership in the area going to try to overnight these get them painted, throw them on. So then, when we reveal this truck officially it’ll be 100 %. Complete cuz got to have every single piece, 100 % and we’re going to get flamed by the internet. What you thinking I’m thinking this is a nice truck, I’m thinking the keys. Aren’T in it.

There you go sir yep keep going, it’s not the do little. So we got to flip the ramps up, see you5. It fits pretty good dude. That’S like easily the nastiest truck I’ve ever owned. I have never been in the backseat of this truck.

It also only has like 10,000 mil and, like 3,000 of those is other people, because I let everybody else drive my stuff. I never really drive my truck talking to the guy that literally let kids take his Lambo out every day. Honest opinion. How good is the any level? How good is it 10 out of 10 10 out of 10?

I would hope so for $ 50,000. I give it a four. You give it a four. Why cuz? He can’t take it through a lake without touching the bottom of the door, then I’m definitely going have to do something in exchange straight trade Lambo right now.

No, I think the train horns on this truck are louder than Megan. That says something because there’s 11 of them, underneath that this truck needs a paint job low key. I think we should paint it a zerg gray, yeah you’re, like the best salesman ever honestly, yeah Gabe yeah come pull the your nice any level inside the garage, real, quick, oh it’s all air conditioned and everything everything looks freaking I’ll film. All the giveaway ad. Just right here, all right guys from now until my nice little Uber vehicle Uber Rich Dad, that’s my dad for everybody wondering I get all my money.

That’S the guy! I’M calling every single time. You probably have enough leg room to put two down there all same you’re in a can nice, it’s probably the longest drive has been. You know how to run one of these things. First time driving a Lambo, hey guys.
I Built The BADDEST Anylevel F450 on the planet! *INSANE PAINT JOB*
https://www.handsminimaxx.comWhat’S up everybody today we’re going to be pranking, everybody we’re going to do. Oh, wait, those chicks, those like gold, digger pranks, I’m going to go, I’m going to go, try it out! It want go for a ride,! It doesn’t work. We just trade plus cash for mine.

I don’t like the yellow. I like the black, how about a GTR. It only makes like 2,000 horsepower mhm. It’S blue matches your eyes. I think this is going to get me to Twin Turbo, my Lambo.

You would have let these things dry a little bit so wet. Oh! No, that’s not good! Well can’t give away a truck if it don’t have absolutely perfect headlights. So shout out to these guys they’re going to get us all hooked up, or I should say get you guys hooked up considering.

I will not own this truck in like 35 days, making a little pit stop all the way on the other side of the state. This is Nester the owner of smooth performance, so we called everywhere to try to get the plastic pieces for any level F450 that we just finished painter forgot to order them. Last minute we were scrambling to find them called like 20 dealership. Nobody had them. Nester came through so Nester also has a 2022 F450 limited.

I would also love to own this thing eventually, but we’ll get to that at a later time. Obviously, because it’s the same year and everything it has the same plastic pieces, there’s no way that he’s missing his too he’s, not Anor drove all the way down at, like 3:00 in the morning, took the little fender pieces off painted them, and here they are ready To go already painted a Zer gray for me, and all we have to do is just bolt these on the truck. The truck will be ready to rock and roll headlights just got back from Indianapolis. Thank you, Brandon put it all together in the morning and then we can finally reveal this thing. Look at it.

100 % finished film. All the media for the next giveaway and go on with our Jolly day also got Casper here sitting on the brand new amp tires that we put on took off the street tires. It looks amazing. Drivve is amazing. I actually forgot how much I love driving this truck.
I Built The BADDEST Anylevel F450 on the planet! *INSANE PAINT JOB*

So while I’m up here in Chicago, I will be enjoying daily driving Casper again for a little bit, but it’s definitely wider and it rubs like crazy, and I keep ripping that bumper piece off. We uh we built something, not not something the something you’ve heard about it, probably on the internet. If you haven’t been living underneath the rock we popped out, with probably the nastiest alumin Duty, no, the nastiest truck on the internet, the cleanest truck, the most beautiful truck. It’S a truck that your girlfriend told you not to worry about, there’s actually no point in having any other vehicle. Besides this one, that’s why I’ve come to conclusion.

Everything is up for sale right now. I don’t need anything else. I have this and I’m here to say that you too could also have this. We are giving this truck away I’ll get into what this truck is in a second for the next 5 weeks, you can get entered to win your absolute dream truck my absolute dream. Truck your dad’s absolute dream, truck everybody’s dream truck is up for grabs right now.

All you have to do is go to to shop. Gf.Com grab you a hat, a t-shirt, a hoodie, a keychain. Anything on the site can get. You entered to win this truck and $ 220,000 in cash insane title keys in your hand, 20 grand in the cup holder driving off to do whatever the hell you want to do with it, and all you have to do is buy a hat or a T-shirt, And for launch week we are doing a times 20 entry multiplier.

That means every $ 1 spent on the site gets you 20 entries to get to win the truck and the cash that is the biggest entry multiplier for the entire giveaway by the way. So take advantage of your highest opportunity to take home the keys to this truck truck, and now, let’s get into what this truck is. This is Glacier. Why do we call it Glacier pretty easy? That is a AER gray paint job.

Now anybody that doesn’t know AER gray. It is a limited color Ford created in 23 or 24 – I’m not exactly sure, but they only made it for one year and it was super limited edition. Nobody has a 2022 painted this color you’ll, never come across. Another truck painted exactly like this one. Personally, I like the 2022 body style much more than 2023, so you know this.

It doesn’t get much cooler than that. To be honest, aside from the paint shop, there is so much going on with this truck. I I can tell you to come. Take a look, because every single detail on this truck is absolutely perfect. I built quite a few trucks in my day, one or two.
h&s mini maxx https://www.handsminimaxx.comMaybe this by far is the coolest one I’ve ever built. We got Indie Retros, they did the color match. Headlights Factory headlights Factory, LEDs, it’s a platinum truck, so it comes loaded with full LEDs from Factory Little Grill pieces. All have the AER gray accents here and there we’ kept it mostly Chrome, because it pops, like crazy color, match badge full color match 2022 style F450. Bumper with the nice wide body.

Bumper flares, I love f450s they’re built like me, f450s are like the Bradley Martin of trucks Bradley. If you uh, you want an F450 go to shop gf.com, you can go home with this truck color match Platinum, Badges and color match mirrors with chrome caps. Obviously you can see this entire truck theme is AER gray and chrome, there’s so much Chrome on the truck means when it is clean. It shines brighter than your girlfriend’s promise ring 30X 16 Front 30X, 8 and 1/4 rear jtx Forge super duly setup, with spikes and Billet floating caps.

Yes, baby, they spin 42 x650 Fury wires all around two in spacers in between the rear dels. That’S why it sits. Like an absolute tank it it looks a little small right now, I’m not feeling a leveled truck today. If only there was a way that I could make it  taller. It’S got aing any level.

Let me emphasize how insane this is out of all the giveaway companies that you see every day on your for you page on Tik, Tok and Instagram and Facebook and all the above. Nobody – and I mean nobody – has ever given away 2022 F450 Platinum with an any level LIF kit, probably because they’re all doing it for money grabs and nobody actually cares about giving away cool trucks. They all just do the same cookie cutter bull every single time, but over at gfp. Our goal is to give away the biggest baddest actual dream trucks. I don’t want you to have to act like you, like the truck that you win whenever you come.

Take a delivery of your new truck. You are going to be blown away. When you see this thing for Lift, we got a 0 to13 any level full hydraulic, lift with the big build arms chopped out the powder coat overlays for Polish overlays. I think they look a whole lot better and because this is an F450, if you don’t know any level a big hydraulic arm that makes it go from 0 to 13, in of lift without changing any of the angles, so it drives like Factory, even when it’s All the way up, this is a 450 you’re going to want to tow a trailer right, duh, there’s airbags in the rear, there’s an air compressor air tanks, obviously hook up your goose neck fall to the back there inside there’s a button says air. The airbags fill up and you can haul anything with this truck.

You can haul a full-fledged 44t trailer with two trucks on it and it to like there’s nothing back there, retro Customs built with this beautiful, fully custom ta light color match. They look perfect, got the nice Platinum badge, nice, color, tailgate. All the Plastics are all color match on the bumper 11 out of 10. Actually, it is so nasty that whether you’re a Dodge guy, a forge guy, a Chevy guy. Everyone says that this is their new favorite truck up up inside this Behemoth of a truck.

We got a fully loaded, Platinum, leather interior. We got the big 2022 style screen. You can listen to Young DOL, you have navigation, so you know exactly where your new sneaky links house is. You don’t go to the wrong one cuz that would be really unfortunate. Heated steering wheel, heated in cool steering, wheel, heated cool seat seats, massive back seats, nice wood, accents everywhere, brush accents on the Superduty logos on the dash tons of detail in this interior.

If you’ve never sat inside of a 2022 Platinum one of the best interiors in the truck industry, because it’s alumin Dy, we got this massive panel roof. So when you’re driving the daytime, you can sung gaze and when you’re driving at night time, you can look at the stars. 1. 2. 3.

4. I you could probably fit seven chicks in here. Got your four-wheel drive. Controls still has a front drive shaft for anybody. That’S asking any level is completely usable, so four-wheel drive still works, got your trailer controls and your automatic trailer backup didn’t even know it.

Has that I’m going to have to put that to use this week. Here’S your control! Oh! Hang on I’ll, lower it for you. So you can see better yeah.

That’S right here is your control for your any Lev system, so up in the front down in the front up in the rear down in the rear. You got your air control, so this is your air compressor, 30 piece Rock light kit full LED Rock lights. It looks like a spaceship at night time and what’s this little, what’s this little button right here? Oh that’s! Your horn, blaster train horn.

So when people don’t get out of your way, you can scare the sh out of them, or you can just play pranks on your friends. Save you a couple dollars and uh attorney fees for road rage got adaptive cruise control. All the bells and whistles that a brand new truck has truck only has 10,000 Mi still has the factory warranties um. If you have any issues with this truck, you show up to Ford dealership, probably make them sh their pants because they never seen it any level before getting a brand new truck. That is a $ 100,000 from Factory.

Getting a any L, lift kit massive wheels and tires full color match one of one: color train horns, Rock lights, a whole 9 yards. It is everyone’s dream truck and it could be yours. I personally have a Lamborghini in building this truck, so it is not cheap and you’re getting a couple holder full of $ 20,000 cash. When you take home the title and the keys to this truck so for the price of a t-shirt, you could literally have all that definitely use the highest entry multiplier 20 times entries for this week only go to the site. Grab yourself.

Some merch grab yourself. Some entries, and in a couple weeks I’m going be giving you a call telling you to come pick up your new dream truck. That’S about it love you guys have a good night and see you bye, perfect. I don’t know, I think the any levels are so louder. Those any level horns are stupid for no reason, we should probably take the horn blaster sticker off this truck and put it on that truck real, quick God.

Damn look at that thing. It’S so freaking pretty

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