FIRST LOOK AT THE 2024 SHELBY F-150 OFF-ROAD! (785HP) https://www.handsminimaxx.comlisten. We finally got the release of the 2024 Shelby F-150 off-road Edition. This is rapid red black stripes. This truck is now 785 horsepower. I’M Brock Patterson National Specialty Vehicle manager.
h&s mini maxx tuner https://www.handsminimaxx.comHere at reic Brown Ford. America’S number one Ford performance and Specialty Vehicle dealership and we’re America’s number one: Shelby F-150 and F250 truck dealer, so you’re going to notice that same signature front in look from Shelby on this off-road Edition truck you’re still going to have our upgraded dual intake Ram Air Hood, you do have your hood vents here on top honeycomb insert in design. Now this is the beautiful rapid red color. It’S a maroon, a dark Port Port burgundy, beautiful color, one of our top sellers here, black stripes that are going to start from front bumper. All the way to the back side of the rear, tailgate.
https://www.handsminimaxx.comNow, where you going to see some of the biggest changes and Designs here on this front end, it’s a beautiful new front, grill and headlight housing area here so different style. We love the new upgrade. You’Ve got the Shelby snake badge here on the front grill and here on your front. Bumper you’ve got your new integrated, uh front. Bumper design honeycomb insert along with your Shelby lettering, you’re, going to see just a slightly different style here in 202.

Four on that front end you’re not going to take away from the look. It is absolutely Dynamic so to give it that off-road, ruget style, you’ve got a BDS suspension upgrade and your Fox shocks your dual speed control shocks on here, they’re dialed in for everyday driving. You can make the adjustments if you need to, depending on your driving style now what you’re also going to see BF Goodrich we’ve seen those along the way since the first interation in 2016, all the way through 2024 BFG allterrain ko2, tires now wrapping these beautiful 22in High gloss black wheels and our new Shelby center cap, our new design and our new logo from Shelby, it’s going to make it a little bit more modern, modern and cool. Now on all four corners you’re going to see our painted to match Parts. This is where Shelby dials it in over all the competition so painted to match rapid red fender flares, all four corners and they’re going to give you this new Fender badge, Shelby F-150 off-road Edition too.
https://www.handsminimaxx.comNow the core chassis is a 502a Lariat equipment package. You’Re going to see some this year that have the black appearance package, which is going to change out some of the slight designs that are going to be Factory and you’re. Also going to see the chrome package as well so they’re going to paint those parts if needed now, they’ve got the side mirror spotlights like we told you before. So this is the side mirror Spotlight in action. They’Re power, folding mirrors as well so you’re, going to see your Shelby lettering here right along the rocker, so Shelby lettering and you’re going to see that 785 horsepower again new tuning awesome new transmissions uh this performance is out of this world.

Keyless entry pad makes this easy for you if you’ve got to get in and out in a hurry. Also, you’ve got your key5 integration where you can have that in your pocket on yourself. Get right into the truck easy access with our power Deployable running boards makes it easy to get into drops down pretty low with your rock guards and your LED light so think performance think utility, think Comfort ease. This is the truck, and so we’ve got a 36 gallon fuel tank you’re going to need it in this truck. You’Ve got your 3D badging here.
https://www.handsminimaxx.comA little bit different style from Shelby with your 3D badging tuno covers, are going to be standard on the black appearance package. Uh you’re, going to see painted to match rapid red black stripes tunnel cover locks. You got your carpet line inside, so it makes it easy to use tailgate lightweight powered folds down, so you’ve got your carpet lined velcroed in full utility Inside the Box, easy to close now. The one thing I want to make sure everybody knows make sure if it’s unlocked it’s going to run vertical with the stripes. If it is locked, it’s going to run horizontal and then you’re going to also want to lock it with your key.

So, on the rear of your tailgate you’re, going to see your stripes just like I said all the way down to the backs side of your tailgate. You’Ve got your Shelby lettering here on the side of the Box. You’ got your Shelby license plate bracket. What we’ve got new for 2024 they’ve been able to use the rear bumper, so you’re going to notice the exhaust tips hit a little higher, because this is metal here on your uh rear bumper, so that exhaust tip is going to sit a little different. Now the biggest change that we see in 2024 when it comes to exhaust and borla, they have tuned this a little bit differently.
https://www.handsminimaxx.comThe sound is out of this world. You got to listen to this now for utility. For those of you that want to use your truck and drive this thing daily, which many of you do, uh you’re, going to see, you’ve got your trailer toe package and your hitch here. So you do have that option in the F-150 off-road Edition, so trailer toe package and your hitch. So let’s go inside the interior.

Let’S go in the cab and take a look. We’Ve got a couple of new different restyling that we see in 2024, all right so inside our cab. We’Ve got a lot of room from Ford on our F-150 chassis and, as many of you know, we’ve got our new redesign on our front dash uh that we got back in 2021 couple of new restyling difference. We now have heads up display uh, that’s standard on this truck. I love our new heads up, display you’re, going to see the Ford emblem, light up and then you’re going to see your miles per hour, your temperature and your time on the heads up display now.
https://www.handsminimaxx.comLeather WRA steering wheel and carbon fiber all throughout the front dash. So the styling of this is absolutely plus. You’Ve got your bno uh upgraded stereo system, so the sound quality is state-of-the-art. Uh, front-facing, camera rear camera as well. You’Ve got your temperature gauges here, uh.

That is analog and then you’ve also noticed something back for 2024. We’Ve got our heated steering wheel as an option. Many of you that are in climates that that need that option. It’S back for 2024, so many of you are going to be pleased again heated and cooled seats. So it’s a 4×4 chassis.
https://www.handsminimaxx.comSo you can select your drive modes as well. So you can make those changes right here by your knee that’ll shift into the different modes that you need to be in, and it will also Auto Select What four-wheel drive two wheel: uh option you’re going to be in so a lot of intuitiveness inside our truck You’Ve got utility style Comfort, our upgraded Shelby leather seats are awesome. Awesome uh, you’ve got the uh integrated Red Shelby leaing, the honeycomb design, it’s kind of still integrated into the seat. They’Re perforated for the cooling and your headrest also have perforations, because there is a speaker inside the headrest, so rear seats are also covered overall uh. This is a beautiful chassis twin panel.

Moon roof lots of options for 2024. This is the truck now you’re going to notice again, the exhaust is going to sound a little richer, a little bit more throatier response, so they’ve got that from borla and they’ve also got the new generation Whipple super charger that we’re going to take a look under The hood all right so you’ve been wanting to take a look under the hood. This is Ford’s 5 L, V8 Coyote engine. This is what we’re going to start off with with the donor chassis, 10-speed transmission. Now we’ve got the latest generation, Whipple supercharger, powdercoated, Ford Racing blue.
https://www.handsminimaxx.comWhat we’re going to see we’ve got oversized carbon fiber air intake tube throttle body upgrade fuel injector spark plugs now. What’S new this year is you’re going to see a new transmission tune, so the truck is now tuned to 785 horsepower a lot of low-end torque. It’S going to accelerate quickly. The response is immediate. This is a new driving truck that we’ve got for 2024 you’re going to see an Improvement.

Exhaust sound front end engine performance, 2024, Shelby, F-150, off-road 785 horsepower. This is rapid red. What an absolutely gorgeous color and available at reic Brown, Ford, call or text me. 615. 397.

3331. You don’t want to miss out, listen we’re America’s number one Ford performance and Specialty Vehicle dealership. Every Friday on YouTube. We’Ve got a new video. That’S going to drop you’re going to love some of this new 2024 inventory coming.

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