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Double the Horsepower of Your 6.0 Powerstroke

Double the Horsepower of Your 6.0 Powerstroke https://wwwhandsminimaxx.com

So we’ve got a double 266.. It’S going to work for policy bullcrap nice day. I think i can do it. Did we make the power, hello?

Everybody welcome to www,handsminimaxx.com in today we’re going to double the power of an 03 ford, six liter power, stroke, you’re, probably seeing a lot more 6-0 content on our website or on our channel recently yeah. That was great. That’S because i think they’re the best value out there right now. I personally have a 6-0 power ford excursion with almost 420 000 miles. It just keeps going running strong if you do the right things and maintain them, they actually last a really really long time and the truck that they’re in is arguably the best truck to be in.

If you guys see a few hundred thousand miles in a seat. The ford seat’s a pretty good one to do it in if you take care of them, you can actually have these things awesome. So i want to show you what you need to do to really turn these things up and make it do it reliably. So you can drive it for 400 000 miles, my personal one’s around 500 horsepower. It’S been there for the last 300 000 miles taken like a champ.

So anyway, we’re going to put this in the dyno right now we’re going to measure the power, then i’m going to show you everything we do step by step, every modification we make so you can do the same thing to your truck, so you can double the Power of your 6-0 power stroke the same way. We do it right here, all right! All right guys! Look up the big screen here. Let’S take a look, so we just put down 266 horsepower and 506 foot-pounds of torque.

Now this engine is rated at 325 horsepower to the crank and rated at 560 foot-pounds to the crank. So these numbers to the ground are pretty in line with what we’ve seen in the past. We’Ve seen trucks from as low as 250 as high as 280.Just, depending on the truck tire size age a lot of variables. But for this one we’ve got a double 266.

which means we got to make 532 horsepower to the ground. That’S actually going to be pretty easy to do we’re, i’m personally hoping with the mods that we’re going to do to this to be close a little over 600 i’m hoping we can double the horsepower of the crank advertised power, so i’m hoping for 650 horsepower of The ground rather than the 532, but we have to be 532 horsepower for this to be a true w horsepower video, but i think we’re gon na do better than that. So anyway, let’s get this over in the shop start, taking parts off and follow along as we do everything needed to double the power of this truck . There’S a lot of parts we’re using in this build to double the power of this ford, and i want to talk about them now and show you them so you know what’s going into this truck and and why we’re using them. So, first off, let’s start with cylinder heads there we go.

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Oh look at all that beautiful cooling. Every six liter on planet earth needs new cylinder heads center head gaskets. They blow cylinder head gaskets like crazy, that is their achilles heel. That is why everybody hates them once you fix this problem, though they’re actually pretty great. So this is the power driven diesel uh ported towing head, so you technically probably don’t need this to double your power, but it’s sure to make it easier, because i really want to stretch this turbo as far as we can so we went after this head now.

These heads actually flow pretty good on the intakes for what they are they’re, not terrible. The intake valve here is actually bigger than what comes in a common rail cummins. Even though there’s eight cylinders as a bigger intake valve so getting intake flow through here is not really the problem. The problem is these little tiny, dirt bike exhaust valves they put in here they’re small, they’re, tiny, they’re, terrible so getting the flow in any ford head. Should really focus on exhaust, getting it out split will increase drivability increases.

You really need to focus on the exhaust on these heads. We’Ve also o-ring. These heads, that’s something we offer on cummins and ford, heads and uh. The o-ring is uh. You know really necessary, as your power levels climb if you’re looking for about a 450 to 500 horsepower truck o-rings, not really necessary, just a good set of head studs, a fresh set of heads will get you there, but we’re going for over 600 horsepower here.

Technically five and a half 560 or something, but i’m personally, going over 600 horsepower. So i know that o-rings are really helpful in keeping the head gasket down, keeping it sealed. So we’re doing o-ring on these heads now to complement the heads we’re using our power driven diesel valve springs. These are a great valve spring. We do a lot in cummins.

We do these also valve springs. Do you have to do them at this power level? I’D say this is like a kind of on the fence for me personally, if i’m building a hot rod motor, i would always upgrade the valve train. I know valve train is very important to me. Uh push rods working everything working correctly is a big deal, so i wouldn’t personally try to make over 600 horsepower in stock valve springs, but i know it’s been done a lot of people, so this is something you may or may not want to do in your Personal build, i hover highly recommend it if you’re there.

Anyway, it’s easy to swap springs. While the heads are off the truck next up, we have the head studs we’re going to be using opti-torque head studs in in this build. I like opti-torque a lot. I’Ve had them in my super high horsepower race engines. I have them in my street truck and i’m going to have them in this ford here.

So this is the torque master series and they’re super high quality. We’Ve really liked this. This company worked with the optu torque a long time and i’m really happy with it. So you know heads does everybody knows companies love the ford powershell because you have to have good head studs in order for this thing to work now to complement the valve springs. We’Re going to set a power driven diesel staking the push rods again, a big believer in push rods.

I want all the duration out of my camshaft. I don’t want my pushrod bending and flexing as it’s trying to open those springs. So i think it’s it’s money. Well spent we’re also going to be using a new set of oem lifters. These lifters are known to go out now.

I think it’s hit or miss. I personally have over 400 000 miles on my stock lifters in my excursion, but a lot of people have these fail and when you’re this deep in the motor, it’s kind of one of those things you just kind of do is preventative maintenance. Even if you don’t have issues now, they’re, not terribly expensive and you’re right there, anyway, so a good time to swap out lifters when you’re pulling the heads off or using some new glow plugs. Now these are diesel rx, and these are kind of like the the superstar of glow plug world. You know you need to think well, all glow plugs are created, equal they’re not, and these are really good.

They really are able to concentrate the heat right there at the very tip, and so this just makes your your ford start better and they have this, for all all different makes. You know. Duramax’S fords all different makes diesel rx they’re kind of like the superstar of the glow plug world, so we’re putting some of their glow plugs in this another big key to making power in any diesel is a fuel injector for our fuel injectors. We turn to war and diesel. We really use those guys a lot, we’re a dealer for them and we have a lot of fun with those guys when we go to ucc super cool guys, big group of guys over there and we’re gon na be using their 190 30 uh fuel injectors.

So the 30 is a 30 over nozzle and the 190 is the c sees 190 cc’s 30 of our nozzle, and this again is size for around that 650 horsepower to the ground mark. Trying to make this whole thing work together for to double the power of the crank and hopefully easily double the power of the ground, so 650 horsepower here we come and finally on the on the fuel side is tuning, so we’re using an sct live wire box To tune this thing, we’re actually going to be using warren again worn tunes like i said, we’re dealing with worn. We work them a lot. So if you need tunes or injectors, give us a call, we can match your your components together and make them all work. Really well so warren’s going to be doing the tuning on this truck for us and with sct.

You cannot tune your fakem. If you do hp tuners, you can tune your fkm, but that’s kind of more advanced and not really needed for the power level. We’Re going for here and the last piece of the fueling puzzle is the air dog. This we’re using an air dog 165 to be our lift pump in conjunction with a fuel sump from power driven diesel. It’S one of our fuel stumps here and we’re going to match that with this, and it works really.

Well, it’s a good pairing and this thing will make the power we need. So air dog is going to be on our truck when i go for electric lift pumps, i’m pretty much exclusively our dog. I’Ve had great luck with them. Their customer service is awesome. Whenever we talk to them, they’ve been great, so i really like this company.

Normally they make a good product, they’re really easy to work with, and that’s really nice. Next, let’s go to the turbo. You know this is a kc stage. 2 turbo. This one is rated for 630 to 650 horsepower to the ground.

Like i say, if we can double that 325 crank and put 650 at the ground, i’m going to be real happy. This tows really well very street friendly spools up quick, a very good all-around, turbo charger that still it’s a very variable turbo. So you retain the exhaust brake, we’re going to program into it and uh. It should work just just excellent. So i’m a big fan of the kc turbos they’re drop in work out well and they’re awesome with this turbo we’re using a set of power driven needle boots and clamps.

These clamps are awesome. I use these. We’Ve had these over 140 pounds of boost on wheels, junker drag trucks, so they’re super duper clamps and the boots as well been over 140 pounds of boost. We’Re not going to see anywhere near that on this truck. I mean miles away from that kind of boost numbers, but they’re very good boots.

They’Re five ply aramid fibers, so they take the heat like crazy. The discharge of the turbo has the rings here which i’ve not seen on many other boots. This is one that’s going to fill first, it sees all the heat and it has angles so these these really keep it alive longer. I had really great luck with these boots. Um i’ll have them for lots of duramaxes power strokes.

You know cummins, of course, and they’ve been great for us, so we’re gon na be using those. The next piece of the puzzle with any horsepower build is a transmission. Doesn’T matter how much power you make if it doesn’t go to the ground, it’s not a lot of fun. So, first off you see this big af pan here this is a transmission pan and the real reason we’re using this is to stiffen the case. The transmission, the forwards, the 40100 and 5r100 are very long as power goes up.

They tend to flex a little bit, so you know kind of, like you kind of have to do this. Get a nice transmission. Pan add some capacity to your transmission fluid and which is great, runs cooler, but really the main reason i want to do it on this. One is to get the transmission flex, make it more stiff. The transmission in the ford is actually pretty stout in the stock configuration they run, solenoids to control them and in your programming you can actually make your transmission hold a lot more power than with stock, but there’s still some limits to the stock uh components for one.

The torque converter – it’s great, it’s great for 500 horsepower when you start going past that you’re kind of may, depending on how you drive it, could last a long time or it’ll be gone soon, so it depends on who you are and how you drive we’re gon Na be adding a triple disc power, torque converter to this guy and that’s a good converter it’ll, handle the power way more than we’re making here, and it should work really well we’re also upgrading some of the electronic components in the valve body. So the valve body in the ford is all solenoid controlled programmable, there’s not like a dodge where you’re drilling holes and putting springs in there all kinds of stuff. It’S it’s solid, controlled. So for one we have two upgraded solenoids. This is our line.

Pressure solenoid in factory form. The ford is about 220 psi line pressure. If i remember right, you have to forgive me my numbers off here, but around there and the stock one with tuning can go up to about 320 psi, which is a big jump, and so that that’s that’s nice, it’s a big! You know 33 50 more. However, you want to do your math a lot of increased pressure, but that’s about the limits of your stock hardware.

For this i want a little bit more. So this is an upgraded valve. Solenoid that has been in testing has gone over 400 psi line pressure. Now we don’t want that high we’re not going to go that high, but at least we have the hardware to go higher than the 320, which we need. Next is the shifting solenoid shifting out of third gear on this is the they just don’t work as power goes higher, and so this actually has bigger holes.

It’S a modified cylinder, bigger holes fills that drum faster and you can really shift from third to fifth. Now i know it sounds weird third to fifth but uh the ford transmission’s a six-speed. They don’t use fourth gear, apparently, unless it’s like cold outside. I don’t quite understand why or how they do that. But you go from third to fifth and then you go into six gear.

You know that’s a five speed, so you have five speeds, typically you’re using fifth and sixth for your last two gears shifting from third to fifth gets really problematic when power gets high. So this guy helps that a lot. Let’S shift up a lot faster lets. It fill up that clutch pack and you can just go down the road at full power, a lot more fun. So anyway, that’s the that’s!

Really. The only modifications we’re doing this transmission, like torque converter, upgraded solenoids and tuning so pretty cheap way and we’re doing ability and push shaft. It’S on. It’S not on here we’re doing an input, shaft, of course, because they’re so easy to put in when you get the transmission out. So that’s the transmission side of stuff that it should handle this power very well.

The real thing is the torque converter and the line pressures that’ll be good, we’re putting in a new oil cooler. These oil coolers have tiny passages and they are known to plug up. You need to watch your oil temperatures. That’S a big deal in the four to six liter world watch your oil temperatures. So if you’re ever in this deep, you kind of just you you swap these out.

This is well known. There’S i’m not teaching you anything! Everybody knows about the oil coolers, we’re also installing a coolant filter. The coolant is what has that has the debris that plugs up your oil cooler. So if you can filter out the debris, then you don’t plug up your cooler.

In theory, that’s the best so we’re putting a coolant filter on this to keep our new oil cooler happy and fresh for a long time. Okay and obviously we’re putting a new air intake we’re putting an smb air intake on this. This is a filter, we’re going to put the whole entire box in there, but that’s this is all i could fit on the table, we’ll be putting an exhaust system on this. This is an mbrp full four inch exhaust this stock exhaust is about three and a half inches and so to go. Four inch really helps the exhaust flow.

Get that back pressure away from behind the turbo. The way the turbo works is pressure in the turbine housing versus pressure out the bigger the change, the more efficient the turbo works. We want no pressure behind the turbine, so opening up this exhaust really helps. Mbrp has been high quality forever, they’ve been around for a long time. They kind of started actually in the diesel performance area and they made a really cool chevy, drag truck years back and we’re happy to work with them and so pretty much all my trucks at mbrp stuff.

I’Ve been really happy with their products and that’s what’s going on this ford. Is the mbrp full four inch exhaust all right guys that’s going to wrap up the parts that we’re putting on this truck a lot of things going on here, but when you put these all together and they’re kind of worked together as a whole entire system, it’s Going to work flawlessly, it’s going to work awesome and have good smoke, control, good power, good towing. It’S going to be a really fun truck to drive here at power driven diesel. We have full-time consultants, ready and willing to talk to you about the right parts. For your truck, if you have a bill going – and you have questions, give us a call, we want to talk to you we’re going to take the time to make sure you get the right parts for your truck and make sure your truck is awesome.

All right. Guys we’re back on the dyno. All the parts are on the truck you’ve seen them get installed, as this video’s been going on and we’re back here on the dyno last time we were here. This truck did 266 horsepower and 506 foot-pounds of torque, not too awe-inspiring, but the reality is, it’s 325 horsepower crank. That’S the engine is rated for so 266 to the ground, pretty reasonable kind of what it is um.

So, in order to double this, we got to get 532 horsepower, like i said earlier, i’m hoping to go 600 plus in this truck. So i’m pretty excited to see what this thing does it’s strapped down, ready to go, let’s get in the truck and do a run and see what kind of power we’re making tyson’s kind of been the lead guy on this project. He has his own hot rod. 6.0 and he’s kind of into this a lot and he’s been playing with this truck and his truck and other trucks, and so he’s kind of our point guard point guy on this particular build.

So let him run the dyno. So we got 508 horsepower 1016 foot-pounds of torque. So that’s not enough, as that was a lot less than i actually thought we were going to do. I thought we’re going to be right off the bat like 580 590 knocking on 600 horsepower and we are not there. What was our torque i think 1016 may have doubled the torque.

I don’t remember that one, but 508 is not the 532. We need it’s a good run, it’s good running truck. It’S close, it’s almost double the power, but definitely not enough. We got some work ahead of us um. We have plenty of injector for for more power than that.

Warren’S tunes always been good to us, but he is limited with the sct. You know, there’s certain things you can’t do. We don’t have a fake em on this. It’S a stock victim, so we don’t have we’re not able to tune the pulse width. They just kind of double it in the sct tunes, which kind of is enough to drain your injectors.

So oh crap man, i thought you had more power in this kind of sucks. Put my nice shirt on for this. This is bull crap. Well, we got. We got some work to do tyson.

We got some work to do all right. Let’S go see what our let’s go, see. What we’re gon na do here, all right tyson, so we’re making 508 horsepower. As we know, that’s not what we need. This was an sct tune, written for us by warren diesel, which is a great tune.

He had a lot of luck with him, but it’s not making the power we need. No, it’s not it’s not like you can just do i mean sct is great, but you are limited. Yes, somewhat. Um i’ve been tuning, my truck with hp, tuners, it’s been fantastic, i’ve loved it. The control i have over everything is, i think, exactly what we need.

So we need to go: throw some hp tunes, so you’re gon na you want to tune. You think you think, there’s room. I think i can do it. I think one. Then we have control to fake them yep.

So we can control pulse widths. We can’t really they just kind of double it, yeah, which drains injectors works. Great, that’s kind of their only option. Yeah. We have a lot of control with hp tuners that we can control every parameter you can dream of, especially with the victim.

That’S that’s the big key here. We want to be able to control the pulse width in the fm and be able to do whatever we want gotcha. So we’re going to do some hp tuning here, we’re going to run a bunch of dyno, runs and see. If we can pick up some power, we got a long ways to go to. I was hoping 650, i don’t know, i don’t think.

There’S 150 horsepower hp tuning compared to sct, but i do hope there’s enough to get our 532. There should be up to our 532 for sure but um, i sure hope. So, all right, let’s throw some tunes at it. Let’S start playing, yes, do some dyno runs and hope you guys enjoy the ride. Here we go, all right guys, trucks pulling off right now, kind of idling uh he’s gon na do some stuff on hb tuners.

I had him broadcast his laptop to the big screen here and kind of watch. What he’s doing uh, just to kind of see the hp tuner is very similar to efi live, but the the ford has a lot of tables you’re not going to find the cummins, but anyway just watch this for a little bit while he’s in there making changes. Remember the next rip, all right, we’ve done a bunch of dyno pulls you’ve been playing quite a bit with hp, tunes back and forth, trying new things so far up to 522 horsepower and 1034 foot pounds of torque. This is our best run of the yeah ones. We’Ve done our most recent run and um, so we’re still not there.

So little get a little bit of gains here, but we’re running into something: that’s limiting us, because there’s there’s more in this truck. I know that. There’S the capability to go higher, don’t know how much higher, but we can go higher with the horsepower. Some trucks are just ornery. I swear some trucks.

Just don’t want to cooperate. Other trucks we’ve had in here we’ve hit more than this very fairly, simply on sct tunes, oh yeah, smaller injectors, it’s not like. We have plenty of hardware here. We’Ve got to get this stupid thing to work, so talk to us about what you’re, seeing in the hp tune files and your log files, and what are we going to do about it? So a common issue with the 6os is the exhaust back pressure sensor, especially when you start adding power and and more boost.

The exhaust back pressure sensor doesn’t have enough range it. It taps out right. We’Re maxing out that that sensor and when that happens, the vgt turbo, just kind of floats it kind of does its own thing. Sometimes you’ll have one pull where you’ll do a pretty good number and boost will stay right in it and then sometimes the veins. Will snap shut and all of a sudden your boost surges and you lose power, and it just acts really funny and i’ve noticed that with a couple of the graphs as we’ve been dynoing, but just kind of some funny things like that and so um i’ve.

Now you actually be able to pull logs on these right yeah exactly so. I i pulled the log on this and i was seeing that you know our 0

5 to 4.9 volt sensor halfway through the run was hitting 4.9 and just staying there. It was done there was nothing else that we could read on it, and so that’s where we start losing control of the vgt and having issues um.

So that’s our next. Next move is to swap out this sensor, we kind of run into the same issue with the map sensor. It doesn’t read high enough once we start playing with boost numbers, so we’re going to switch out the ebp sensor and the map sensor so that we can get readings all the way through the run. Um we’re going to put in a 100 psi sensor for the map and 100 psi sensor for the back pressure, all right guys so um. I did a thing.

I didn’t have our video guy here last night when i changed out these sensors, so i’m just going to kind of show you what we did here, um to make that swap with the different sensors we’re putting on here. This is the old map sensor. This is what i took off. You have a silicone hose that comes up to here and reads your maps pressures. This is what i have put in here on this one.

It’S right here, just a little sensor. We just swapped out the pigtail connected it right into place there, and i can rescale that we’ve done the same thing with the ebp sensor right under here. I can’t really get to that one and show you there’s not really good angle right now, but same type of thing just took the old sensor out, swap the new sensor in put the new pigtail in and we’re ready to go all right guys. This is around yesterday before tyson swapped out those injectors. So now we’re gon na do the same thing.

We’Re gon na do a bunch of dyno runs, make some tweaks and changes and see if we can get this number higher. We’Ve already doubled. The torque 506 foot-pounds was our torque to begin with. So a thousand twelve, so we’ve doubled the torque, but we still have not done the horsepower. We need 532 10 horsepower.

So you got so close. You got to find another 10 horsepower with those inject those injectors or so sensor. Swaps, excuse me, you got it, you got it it’s going to help a lot, maybe not a ton we’re not! Maybe we won’t see 600, but we should see some more. At least 25 50 horsepower more than that, i guess your guess we’ll see all right.

Well, let’s make some runs here. We go again, all right guys if you’ve enjoyed this 6 liter content and you’re interested in ford powershows. I need you to like and subscribe to this video on our channel. If we get enough subscriptions we’re going to show more people ford stuff – i don’t know if there’s a big market or audience out there or not. So let me know subscribe to this video if there’s enough interest we’ll do a lot more of this stuff, as well as our dodge stuff.

So anyway like and subscribe now, the final results did we make the power? Did we do it? We’Ve done a lot of runs, you’ve seen them, so let me make the power five or 266. 532 532 is what we’re shooting for and with our sensors 546. 546.

546, not the 650. I was hoping for there’s a lot of work. This truck has been honored for us, but we did it 546. We got some room to spare 1030 foot pounds. Now we were making 1030 at lower power numbers yeah.

So what it shows me is with those sensors you’re able to carry out that exactly and keep the torque, because they’re just dying yeah, because essentially wouldn’t let it carry that number out there. So this really helped us. You know sensor swaps, to dial in the tune. A little bit better, so we picked up. We can see that right in the graphs too, before about 2800, we were just kind of killing over and following the nose and over following the torque graph there, and this just carries out way better yeah, and so that’s pretty nice.

So we were able to pick up about almost 40 horsepower over an sct tune with you know two full days in the dyno versus a sct, so it shows you, those sct tunes from your different tuners are very, very good. It took us two whole days on the dyno lots and lots of runs to get that extra 40 horsepower so props to warren for a good tune um, but yeah 540 horsepower. So this has been a fun truck, well that this is one way to double the horsepower of your 6-0 power stroke. I do want to be forthright and honest, so we probably went overkill on this. We have another truck in the shop that has 175 cc stock.

Nozzle injectors that does right about the same horsepower has the same turbo uh truth be told we undersized the turbo for my goals. This kc stage 2 is rated from about 500 to 615.Now. Our dyno is a little stingy. I don’t think we’re ever going to see 600 horsepower on a stage 2 turbo, but i do want to see 600 horsepower out of this truck.

I do so you know possible, so not in this video. You guys need to stick around we’re going to do a lot more with this truck we’re going to make this thing pretty now. This is actually a great hot rod truck, and i want to show people. We picked this truck up for fifty three hundred dollars and it was not in the shape it is in now i mean it’s come a long ways and it still has long ways to go. Yes, but it’s not been terribly expensive compared to like a to get a similar running dodge.

You spend a bank lots of money as long as you’re willing to put in the elbow grease and and and the time on these trucks. You can really do it for fairly cheap yeah. If you have some skills and mechanical abilities, you can make yourself a good hot rod on the cheap, pretty much compared to any other diesel out there right now, yeah. So so this is not done. Stick around we’re!

Gon na put some cool wheels on it. We’Re gon na get this thing awesome and we’re gon na show you guys how to do it. The great thing about fords there are tons of them. So there’s a huge aftermarket support for i’m talking, seats seat covers wheels. Bumpers grills, i mean all kinds of stuff for this truck and it’s not terribly expensive, so make sure to follow in the next video we’re going to see.

If we can make this thing pretty. I personally still want to see more power. So let me see if i can figure out, maybe a different, turbo and jump this jump. This thing up some more but anyway, thanks for watching this double horsepower of your ford 6-0 power stroke tyson thanks for all your work and all the crazy amount of pulls. You ended up doing on this thing.

Yeah. It was a lot, but we got there. We go yeah, it’s a lot of fun. Like you said. I think it’s got a lot more in it.

The injectors are there we oversized a little bit for this turbo, but throwing a bigger turbo on there. We should see quite a bit more power all right. Thanks guys hope you enjoyed it, we’ll see you next time.

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