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Breaking News: RAM IS KILLING OFF THE CUMMINS For 2025!!!

 Breaking News RAM IS KILLING OFF THE CUMMINS For 2025!!! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comWho would have ever thought the day was coming when Ram would not be using the cumins again. There was an article last month discussing Ram killing off the cumins. Now I didn’t believe it, but it does seem very, very, very possible now, when I say they’re killing off the cumins they’re, not killing off both of them they’re killing off the one. Can you guess which one it is this one? This is the standard output coming.
So for 2025 there is possibly going to be an exit of two comments. Now Ford has pretty much decided, they’re going to copy RAM and do two and Ram’s like nah. I don’t want to be like you Ford. I want to be different, so they’re going away from two potentially now. How do you know the high output from the standard output?
h&s mini maxx https://www.handsminimaxx.com
Well, the one way you can tell is the transmission. So on this side you would see a dipstick for the Isen, but because this is a 68 R Fe. You guys can see right here. That is the dipstick, which means this is a 68 RP and without even guessing this is a 2500 so yeah. It’S definitely the standard output and just to confirm what I said.
You see the dipstick, that’s for the Isen, it’s on the driver’s side. Now, why would Ram decide to kill off the standard output coming I’ll tell you why it’s because they’re, probably sadly going to be killing off the Eisen. That is very, very bad news for medium duty trucks for sure I personally, like the Isen transmission, now based off how I use my trucks, I probably would get the $ 60 fee if I was deciding to get another Ram truck, and I was looking for one Of these models, I would actually be okay with getting a 68 fee. The reason why is because I don’t tow as much as I did in the past, although I I still do tow, I probably still tow about 30 40 %, because my GMC has, I think, almost 4 or 5,000 Mi of just Towing, and it has like 9,000 Mi total on the truck. Now with that being said, the power line from ZF seems to be the next iteration for the ram HD pickups.
 Breaking News RAM IS KILLING OFF THE CUMMINS For 2025!!! 
This is the article from Mopar insiders.com and down below here you guys will see they did a write up. I want to say they were the first ones to break the story on the power line. Now, if you read here, it’s talking about the rating for that Transmissions, only 1,000 pbet of torque, and then they kind of discuss how this is for a pretty big truck. Basically, with a 57,000 lb gross combined weight, reing and down below, they might be working with ZF to create their own transmission, it’s going to be 8speed and then that should help them get to the higher torque capacity handling there and, of course horsepower.
But what are you guys’ thoughts? I think that Ram definitely has a great opportunity to really get back in first place with this new powertrain, so we’ll have to wait and see what they do now. I’M sure a lot of people are excited about the power line. 8 speed so they’re going two more gears and, yes, that’s all great news right, but here’s my problem. The power line is basically a medium duty.
Transmission we’ve already learned that the eizen transmission is not a great transmission, unloaded, it’s a phenomenal and I mean phenomenal transmission. Towing and I don’t mind the sixspeed and, like I said earlier for most guys, I think when they do a 2025 Ram HD. I hope that they keep the eyes in around and I’ll discuss that here in a second. But let’s move on: let’s talk about the 68 RV for a second! This is Chrysler’s in-house transmission.
I’M going to climb under here. If I can to show you what we’re talking about, so you can kind of see that transmission there. It’S really small in comparison. If I show you guys the uh Isen right, so the 68 RV is a six-speed transmission. Ram’S been using this transmission, I think since 2007.
 Breaking News RAM IS KILLING OFF THE CUMMINS For 2025!!! 
I believe I could be wrong, but it’s been a long time that they’ve been using this transmission, and here is why they use it for the 2500 platform, it’s the weight. Now, if you think about the weight of this transmission, you ready for this. The 68 RP weighs 263 lbs. That is very light. I believe that is wet too.
By the way. Now, first gear in this transmission is going to be a 323 to1. Final gear is a 0.63 to1. So when you think about gear, ing 323 is pretty dang deep.
Let’S talk about the Eisen! The reason why you don’t see this high output, cumins and Isen configuration in that 3/4 ton is because Ram is still using that 10,000lb gross field, quate rating and therefore every pound counts. This Isen transmission weighs – and I believe this is wet 400 lb. I believe it might be 450 wet, but, let’s just say, 400 for the sake of argument. That is pretty dang heavy.
Now, as far as the gearing first gear in this transmission is a 375 to1 and final gear is the exact same as his 68 R Fe 0.63 to1 ratio. Now, if you’re looking at it dual, there is an optional 410, but it would come standard with a 373 if you get a single rear wheel, one ton like this one with the cumins, whether it be the high output or standard output same goes for this standard Output 3/4 ton: you only can get the 373 rear all right. Let’S talk about the power line. Now the power line is going to be a macho man when it comes down to that first gear.
 Breaking News RAM IS KILLING OFF THE CUMMINS For 2025!!! 
https://www.handsminimaxx.comFirst gear in the ZF power line is going to be a 489 to one so you’re, going from the high output, which is pretty dang good 375 to one for first gear, all the way to a 489 now Ford and GM. I think Ford might be in the 47 or 469. I think JM is not far behind on that first gear, so they have some deep gears in that 10-speed transmission. The 10l 1000 is the Chevy and G and GMC’s and Forge is the 10r 140 uh transmission. It’S a 10-speed, so yes, with the power line, you’re going to get a really deep first gear.
Now the final drive is going to go to a 0.64 to1 ratio. The weight of that transmission is showing 375 lb. So when you think about it, that’s why Ram can get rid of the eizen and the 68r Fe and get rid of the standard output cumings, because the weight will not be a factor. Now I’m going to choke someone at Ram if they do not raise that D on GVWR to at least 108, if 104 would be fine, but 108 would give them 800 more pounds of payload capacity, especially if they find a way to lighten the truck all together.
But having a lighter transmission is going to help, and so that’s why the power line is a good idea. Now I do think Ram would be making a big mistake if they do not keep the eyes in around in the medium duty. Trucks like the 4500 and 5500 100 %. I would even like to see them keep it around in these trucks. If someone’s looking for reliability on that first model year and just want the new interior, I can understand them picking the eizen and a lot of guys will pick the eizen for sure, but the power line being brand new.
It’S going to have some quirks. It’S always going to happen and there’s going to be some drivability issues, that’s how it works, whether you buy a toyot or a ram. It doesn’t matter they’re all going to have problems within the first model year. So I really think that Ram has a great opportunity here to bring their aame with this new Cummins idea. Now, if this is true, I think this is some great great news having two diesels, never really made sense to me, I mean I get that some people don’t need the power power, but at the end of the day, having one just makes it a lot easier When you’re shopping for trucks, whether it be brand new or used, here’s one of my biggest questions about this update, are they going to go back to higher gearing out back?
 Breaking News RAM IS KILLING OFF THE CUMMINS For 2025!!! 
I had a 2018 Ram 2500 that truck had a 342 rear end. I will admit that truck was sluggish Towing. I think the 342 was such a bad idea and I wish they would have offered a 373 in that time frame for sure now. I hope they they do that with the power line. I hope that they do what Ford does Ford has higher gearing, so it comes out with a 331 and you can get a 355, so anyone that wants to run taller tires can choose a slightly lower gear for those taller tires.
So if you want to go 37s well, you don’t really change that gearing so much out back right, but having that deep, first and second and third gear, you don’t really need the lower gearing out back anymore, because the transmission does a lot of the work for You, the steps, are closer in the transmission cuz you’re, going from a sixspeed to an 8speed. So there’s a lot of great advantages. Now one thing I always hated about the Isen and you guys have seen my videos – I’ve done 0 to 60 tests, showing you guys that the 68 feet will beat the Eisen every single time off the line. Unless you break boost it, maybe the Eisen might jump out in front of it, but even though the truck has 850 pbet of torque compared to 1,75 and 370 horsepower compared to 420, that truck is faster because there’s not as much torque management. The reason why the Isen has so much torque management is when it’s unloaded speed will damage that transmission, because it’s a medium duty, transmission, medium duty, trucks, are always heavy.
Those trucks out of the gate can be 15 to 20,000 lbs right, so it’s always under load. So you can accelerate fast right out of the gate, whereas for the Ford and GM trucks they have that really strong acceleration right off the line. They beat this truck unloaded by 2 seconds in some cases. So when I say the power line has to bring their aame, they really do. Now.
I did a video saying I was hoping that Ram would consider maybe doing an 8-speed Isen transmission, because there is a heavy duty Transmission in their Arsenal. Now they would probably have to do some R & D and make it up to the par to handle whatever power numbers that Ram’s going to do. But I really hope to see a eizen for at least a couple years. If they do plan on killing off the as69 RC in this truck, but the 68 RP, despite what people say about it, I know that transmission is going away and it is what it is. I’M not going to cry about it.
 Breaking News RAM IS KILLING OFF THE CUMMINS For 2025!!! 
It’S not that big of a deal, but I really hope they can somehow find a way to have two transmission options and have all the power and torque that you would want out of the comments that will pretty much end. The video be sure to write a comment down below. I want to read you guys’ comments on this topic, I’m pretty sure someone’s going to say this video was clickbait. I’M willing to bet that’s going to be one of the comments, so as opposed to me wasting my time to respond to that here you go Gotti Gotti.

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