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BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins

BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, have we got a treat for you today! My cousin Luke, who did the construction you saw on the video about a month ago, is bringing his 6.7 Cummins up, and we’re going to do a 6.7 Cummins vs. 6.
Power Stroke eight-bale pulling competition. Let’s go!  The Cummins has arrived! Look at that monster, the moose power! Oh, it sounds good.
She sounds mean. Alright, here we go. The 2019 6.7 Power Stroke is rated at 450 horsepower and 950 pound-feet of torque. It still has not had the death deleted and it’s not tuned at all.
It has 35-inch tires on 20-inch wheels, a bumper, and a leveling kit. This is the Honey Badger’s truck. We got this about a year and a half ago, just upgraded from the old 7.3. So this is the new tow rig.
BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
Don’t worry, she’s still running. She still puts around. Yeah, hey, trailer. What do we got for a hay trailer? So we got an eight-bale in-line hay express trailer.
We got it down in Missouri at Corbin Steel. So I don’t know if they’re going to see this, but hey, shout out for this awesome hay trailer. Onto the Cummins. Alright, Luke, tell us about this non-Dodge Cummins truck thing you got here. A Ram?
You didn’t buy a Dodge. You bought a Cummins, right? That’s right. Just a shell Dodge, just a shipping container for Cummins. It’s a 2014 4500.
I bought this new a couple of years ago, got it deleted, running four-inch exhaust, four-dial tuner, 30 over, 60 over, 90, and 120. The torque rating on this is 353. I believe the horsepower stock is 370 horsepower and 800 pound-feet of torque, and he’s running 90 over on the horsepower, so that puts him at 460. So he’s running out that 460, and the Power Stroke was what, 450 stock? Stock, also good to know.
BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
This truck has been deleted, so that might help a little bit in the battle. With the 6.7, we gotta wait. Let’s go load up!
“It’s up to meet you down there at the tractor in Devon.
Well, we have a little dilemma. The driveway is a little tight. We’ve been here before, Decker turned just a little too short and got the trailer stuck. What do you have to say for yourself? You got a little too excited, yeah.
What can you do? Nothing’s broken yet, yeah. Keep to the right. We didn’t need the chains, we got her out. Nothing’s broken, we’re good.
Let’s load some bales and make sure we know what we’re doing when we pull out this time. In spite of the mess up, we got her loaded, so going out is going to be cautious. Definitely, we’re going to take her wider. If we take some beans out, so be it, but yeah. Let’s see how this goes.
BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
Let’s watch it. Alright, Decker’s pressure is on this time. I probably, we just, you know, we got to be really cautious, just stay out there, just in case. Yup, you’re good. Yeah, you can turn hard.
Now you got it. Yeah, look at that. Oh yeah, look at that, 10 feet to spare! Oh no, I was off light. You’re about, yeah, alright.
So, the official loaded weight for the Power Stroke is going to be 24,020. Okay, we’re resetting our trip time. There’s our miles, and it’s going to calculate our MPG. So let’s go do that now. Entering probably area 21.
When we get on the road, quick shot of the grain bins. Check out this little surprise. Oh, look at that overhead stand going up. I don’t have my mind made up. I think it’s going to be close.
BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
Really? Okay, ready, set, go. I’ll look at it. I’ll tell you when to stop. 45, 50, 55, and 60.22 seconds, 22.8 seconds on the 0 to 60. Schedules: Copyright Bro. That was a fun trip, despite our little mishap at the beginning. We got through it.
I don’t think the Cummins has a chance, to be quite honest, not a chance. She definitely sounds a lot meaner. Look at the old Cummins hooked up. She’s snorting, she’s ready to go, she’s ready to prove a point.”Another thing I forgot to mention is that Luke has moose mirrors.
If you didn’t know, these mirrors flip out from their Dodge tow mirrors. But when you flip them out to this moose setting, you get 25 horsepower on each side, so you get another 50 horsepower. Fact, yep yep, going to that dirt a little bit! Oh yeah, oh yeah! You just did that the first time.
I’m not gonna lie, that Dodge looks really good on this hay trailer. I mean, it really does, and it sounds good. This is good. This is exciting. This is an exciting test.
BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
This is what we do. Man, yeah, punch that bale. Are you nervous? He’s got faith. I say that Dodge looks pretty mean on there.
Let’s go get her weight up. Heavier now, get the two fatties out. It’s a little heavier, it’s 600 pounds. I think, hey watch, ready, ready on you, ready, set, go! 30, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60.
Oh wow, that was even letting off a little bit off the start. Extra horse, did you feel just like paying off? Oh yeah, he got turned up. Here comes the train: double still got to get out, yeah at least all dumped, just enough room not hitting the axle. I think we’re gonna be okay.
Multiple forms of adversity today. Is he still sliding? We have to pull it. Well, he’s not stuck, it’s just like a sheet of ice out here with the mud. Um, so we’re gonna grab the tractor and he’s just gonna give us a little tug.
BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
Don’t wanna run these into some bales? It’s okay, just ripped one bale up! Keep it going. Oh yeah, we’re gonna get it. We made it out.
So that’s fantastic! Oh, hey, hey, hey, hey, easy! There buddy, easy! You don’t want any of that smoke. You can’t keep up.
Take it easy, pal. You’re not that guy. You’re not that guy. So we got back to the shop with the Cummins, and we noticed the Power Stroke was gone. There it is, Bucky took it and brought the skid loader over, and he was gonna do a little yard project.
“It seemed to me that it’s a little wet and we’re going to see what he did here. Yeah, good job Buck. That’s going to be fun to power wash those rims out. So, there you have it! What happened? How did you get in this position? I mean, that’s a pretty big drop. I wouldn’t want to be driving in there. This is going to be on YouTube, don’t worry.
We got the trailer, we put everything out. We got everything else stuck today, so we are all in the same boat. Okay, put the trailer in the ditch. What trailer is he talking about? You did?
No, he did. With that turn, Luke turned too short and faced getting stuck at the shells. We couldn’t move because it was like it was slid into the bales and got pinned in there. Yeah, he had to pull us up. All right, hop in there.
Yeah, it’ll be interesting. Come on! Oh, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Keep going, keep going, keep going! How about that?
BATTLE OF THE 6.7s!!! | Powerstroke vs. Cummins https://www.handsminimaxx.com h&s mini maxx
Got her? All right, now drive back down there. Bucky strikes again! All right, guys, let’s get into the breakdown of this competition. So, first thing I got to say, just take everything with a grain of salt.
Not everything was perfect, not everything was apples to apples, and our testing procedures were not 100% accurate. The first thing we’ll go through is the Power Stroke 100 stock. The Cummins was deleted and he was running the Plus 120 tune, so it had a horsepower advantage. I’m not sure about the torque specifications on the tune exactly, but I’m sure it was pushing pretty good. Fully loaded, the Power Stroke weighed 24,020 pounds, and the Cummins weighed 24,620 pounds.
So, even with the smaller bail, the Cummins weighed more, which was really surprising to us. We did a 0 to 60 loaded, the Power Stroke clocked in at 22.8 seconds, and the Cummins clocked in at 21.21 seconds. So, it came in a little bit faster.That could have been human error.”
But if you look at the video, you can actually see that we started in about the same spot. The Cummins actually got to 60 before the Power Stroke. Did the Cummins hit 60 right about the middle of the bridge, and the Power Stroke didn’t hit until a little bit after? So, I do think that’s pretty accurate.
It’s a little bit quicker. Transmission temperatures were running just about the same max. Transmission temps for both were 212 uphill RPM. This was kind of interesting. The Power Stroke was running consistently.
I think it was in fourth gear: 22, 2300 RPM. The Cummins, however, on some hills, would hold fifth and it was running at 1700. I was like, “Wow, that’s impressive!” Other times it would downshift, and it was holding 2900, so really, it’s about a wash if you kind of just average it out. So, next was a flat 65 cruise.
Both were running 1500 RPM, just cruising right along. Then we did kind of a turbo check on a hill. The Power Stroke was running 22 to 23 PSI, and the Cummins was at 28 PSI, so the turbo’s working a little harder. As a final MPG round trip, the Power Stroke on the computer came in at 9.9, and the Cummins came in at 10.
Now, if we did it right, we would have done an actual diesel refill calculate check MPG, but we didn’t really want to take the time to do all that just because we’re having fun. So, take that with a grain of salt. It might not be 100% accurate as far as ride quality. It’s a wash: they both rode about the same.
The noise inside the cab, the Power Stroke was quite a bit quieter due to just the emissions and the exhaust. You know, the Cummins had a pretty nice exhaust, so overall, I’m a Ford guy, but on this one, I gotta give it to the Cummins. You know, that delete and that tune, ah man, that thing’s a beast, and it pulled through and towed good. It felt good. So, I give it to the Cummins, and I know a lot of these videos, the guys always at the end say.”Oh, I don’t know. I’m giving you an answer. The Cummins won, all right. The Cummins won, so but like I said, take everything with a grain of salt.
This was super fun. I hope you enjoyed this video. We had fun doing it. We had quite the day, as you can tell, with three major headaches, but it was fun. I know there’s going to be so many comments about not doing it right, going forward, going Cummings, and then my favorite comment: ‘I can’t wait for this comment.
I hope somebody does it. Oh, Chevy would have outdone both of them.’ That’s the one I’m waiting for. If you comment that, I will be so happy because I just love watching these truck videos and seeing the hate comments. It’s just awesome because everybody fights, and I think it’s hilarious.
So anyways, thank you so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed this video. I hope it wasn’t too sporadic. I don’t think it was, but like I said, take everything with a grain of salt. We had fun.Hope you enjoy. Anyways, thanks for watching. We’ll see you in the funnies.”

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