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6.7 Powerstroke VS 6.7 Cummins!

6.7 Powerstroke VS 6.7 Cummins! https://www.handsminimaxx.com

Oh, we got ops pulling up. I don’t i don’t do that: ass squat, it’s like a dog with worms dragging his head. What’S up everybody justin fio back in another video as you’ve. Seen in the past, we’ve done a few head-to-head battles on this channel and we plan on doing a lot more for sure. But a lot of you guys wanted to see a six seven power, stroke versus six seven cummins and those platforms go at it head to head.

So we got two people here today that want to have a good time, just a friendly competition and kind of see how it turns out so should be fun if you guys would like to see any other head-to-head battles make sure to leave that down below once. I get black beauty back, we will be for sure having some fun. I also don’t want you guys to forget any of you that don’t know i’m giving away a brand new set of versatile mxt tires any size of your choice and to spice it up a little bit. I also tossed in a second place prize winner, which is going to be an eight-piece rock light kit, pure white c2 mc tuning rock lights. So a brand new set of tires sounds good to you or a rock-like kit.

You got 10 times entries from right now when you see this video until october 30th, so it’s gon na be the only multiplier for this giveaway. So if a brand new set of tires or a rock light kit sounds good to you, this is prime time to enter. You really do have until november 11th to enter, which is the end of the giveaway, but between now and october 30th you got 10 times entries. So go pick up a hat shirt hoodie go get entered, you never know. Without trying you could be the lucky winner who i end up, calling to pick either a brand new set of tires or a rock light kit.

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So all i could say is good luck. Before we get started. Are you choosing a six seven cummins or a six? Seven power stroke, i guess we’ll see to the 2g – we go so we’re over here with nate who’s got the six seven cummins our other buddy over. Here that’s got this six seven power stroke.

A lot of you guys have been wanting to see these two platforms. Race, we got a big bomb up here, real quick, so i noticed this truck’s a little bit lifted. If you want to, let us know a little bit about what’s done to it and what plans or whatnot you got with it. Yeah i got the uh. I got a fabtech 7.

inch, lift it’s powder, coated, candy, apple red and i’m running two inch spacers with uh 37 1350 sitting on 20 by 10 methods, and i got a four inch straight pipe exhaust and a afe air intake. As long as i built trans hell yeah and what year is this truck 2017

This thing’s a unit bro, it looks good. You got any other plans with it yeah. I want to put it on uh some 24 by 14s and build the motor a little bit yeah hell yeah. That would be sweet.

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What’S your view on on this race, what do you think’s the the results going to be on this friendly battle? I i think it might be pretty bad for me to be honest, yeah, it doesn’t look too good. I noticed right away, obviously you’re on the bigger lift, bigger tires. I’M assuming we got a weight advantage here already, but yeah yeah, that’s for sure, but i think it should be pretty close, but i guess we’ll see huh yeah. I agree so i see the platy over here.

What do we got going on with this thing? Uh i have a 2016, a f-250 platinum and it’s on 24x14s on 33s we got real, fast pump and then firing straight fight. What year is it 2016?

Any other plans with this thing, i’m thinking, probably get bare turbo injectors and coolant piping and everything sweet for uh. Probably next year, yeah that’ll be badass, both good looking trucks, though for sure – and you said this was leveled right.

No, it’s just a stop stuck yeah. Give you a little walk around and what do you think on this race? What’S your uh, your first guess here? How do you think this is gon na? Go, i’m not sure, but i think it’ll be a close game, close race, yeah, close range or something you guys have raced a little bit in the past right yeah i did, but i don’t know i don’t know what’s going on.

I think i’ll it’ll be a good game on a dig for sure dirty roll on a dig we’ll do that. First, all right, let’s get it going forward or dodge from racing hayden. I got ta say four from what we’re seeing here everybody’s thinking forward, but i guess we’ll see. I think. Obviously the ford’s got the weight advantage here, but i think it should be a pretty close race.

I’M my guess, is on the ford as well. In this situation, but let’s see how we go so we’re good six, seven forward, six, seven dodge who you got your money on whenever you guys are ready, another close ass race, bro, first race down, looked pretty close from our and i couldn’t even Tell who do you think won there? I couldn’t really see, i think the platinum pulled out a little bit towards the end, pretty close huh yeah. I think the dodge. I think they get dodge jones out for what everyone was thinking yeah.

I think hayden was playing with him. I think hayden was playing with him. No, how did it go down at the end? Uh? He pulled a little bit yeah.

He pulled pretty close. That was good, yeah yeah, it’s pretty good! Here we go it’s more power, so they went round one and it looked pretty close, but the six seven forward said he wants to put it in four-wheel drive. So that’s the plan. So i guess we’ll see here round.

Two four-wheel drive pretty close on the first round. Let’S see how she goes. Hopefully i don’t see no drive shafts flying around here. Haters guys, prep talk over here here we go you’re gon na boost up a lot,dirty roll pat. Here from the last video, if you guys remember this 6.0.

, we also got tracy, which was another 6-0 on the channel versus duramax in the past and after the last video he wants to let it eat a little bit more huh, sir. So, let’s see what this old girl could do, tracy’s gon na, let it eat huh, it’s not mine man, tossed him his keys and said rip it up: real, quick, Oh, we got ops pulling up we’ll talk to him. We’Re just filming some overviews and stuff on their trucks. Real quick, i know i know come on.

You don’t have a big dog super duty next to it to make it look better! Oh ! You got a truck back home hell yeah. What year you sell it? No, no!

I use it to pull my camper, but thank you i don’t. I don’t do that. Ass spot and looks like a dog with worms dragging its ass. You guys ain’t doing all these burnouts or nothing right. No, you guys got the new explorer st yet, or are you still what’s in this thing, man, you need the st’s rolling.

You know some of this newer stuff they’re doing with the track hawks and the new explorers. They don’t. We get the cheapest thing on there. Damn we don’t have these aren’t even supercharged or turbocharged, or nothing all right, cool appreciate it. You too, sir.

Thank you. got ta love. The good old ratchet strap leash only the finest, so pretty close race after the fact, especially for the dodge being on a bigger, lift, wheels and tires. We kind of expected that from the beginning, but still dodge held up there and that was a badass race. Let me know what you guys think you got any other trucks you want to see head to head.

I know a lot of you guys are wanting to see the six seven ford and six seven dodge so hope you guys enjoyed the video the cops swung by to check things out so always a good time. Let me know what you guys think don’t forget like subscribe. Turn the bell for notifications and i’ll catch you guys in the next one peace who could use a brand new set of tires. Well, i guess the real question would be who can use your brand new tires? You’Re telling me you don’t want to go blow up the old tires on your truck now and rolling on precise come on now, but i got you covered, i’m very excited to announce.

Vo2 is here we’re going to be giving away a brand new set of versatile mxts any size of your choice. All your sizing available will be on the website. If you want to check that out and depending on what size you do choose these tires. Could retail around twelve hundred dollars to about two thousand dollars, so all you got ta do to enter is go to justicefio
Com, every five dollar spent there’s one entry. We got tons of new designs on there pick up a shirt hat hoodie.

Anything like that will get you automatically entered besides that make sure to follow versatile instagram. This giveaway will be lasting one month. I will be calling one of you personally to let you know: you’re the lucky winner to take home any size, versatile mxt of your choice. So all you can say is time’s ticking get entered. While you can good luck.

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