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6.7 FORD POWERSTROKE DISASTER!!! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!!!

(126) 6.7 FORD POWERSTROKE DISASTER!!! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!!! 00-00-39
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What is going on my friends? Welcome back to another video. We are finally home, back in Kentucky, and we are back in the shop. It is absolutely a beautiful day outside. The doors are open, and we are going to be working on probably one of the easiest installs that we have done in a very, very long time. Should take us about 5 minutes.

The truck that we are going to be installing said parts on is not actually currently here. It should be here in a couple of minutes, and we’ll get into the parts that we’re going to be putting on, how easy they are, and why you definitely need them. You don’t want your truck to catch on fire.

h&s mini maxx https://www.handsminimaxx.com

But before we get into that, guys, huge thank you to anyone who got in on Wrenchworks Giveaway number 15. Green bean sitting behind me, always appreciate you guys. It does take a little bit of time for our sweepstakes, third party, to tally up all the entries and get us a winner. So, we should have that in a week or so. You guys will know that as soon as possible.

Go do yourself a favor, go follow us on all of the other social media platforms. You’ll probably, depending on the videos here, see that first on, like, Instagram. So, we’ll put all that stuff up here. But anyway, huge thank you to that. Also, want to get into one quick other thing and that is events that are coming up that we will be at that you guys need to be at.

(126) 6.7 FORD POWERSTROKE DISASTER!!! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!!! 00-00-39
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comSo, Blake Fitzgerald’s event, that is the next event coming up on the calendar. Right after that, we actually have Mid America truck show and Orange Beach, all in the same weekend. That’s going to get a little tough. We are going to try to do both. Right after that, we’ve got Diesels of New York, which we are going to be traveling up to. That should be a good time. Never have been there before, but always looks like a rowdy, good time.

So, we’re going to bring a couple trucks, we’re going to do some burnouts, have some fun, and then right after that, you’re not going to want to miss Florida truck meet, burnouts, drag racing. It is going to be an amazing time. So, we’ve actually got like four or five events back to back to back. So, Blake’s, make sure you’re there. Orange Beach or Mid America truck show, catch us at either one of those. Diesels of New York, and then, uh, Florida. So, we are going clear across the dang country.


But anyway, as soon as our truck gets here that we’re going to be working on today, we’re going to get into what we’re installing and why you need it. While we’re waiting, I’ll give you just a little sneak peek. You guys already know it’s going to be good if it’s from the boys at Fleece. There she is, there she is. That’s right, we got another Ford video for you guys. We got Michael’s F450 in the shop for one of the easiest installs I think we’ll ever have. We’ll show you guys what we’re working with, but you guys haven’t seen Michael in forever. Actually, I haven’t even seen Michael in forever, man. Hi, Michael, you’re looking stellar as always. Thanks.

Michael, your hair is getting longer. It is getting longer. I told you guys, the more you say about it, the longer it’s going to get. Michael, where have you been, buddy? If they’ve been paying attention, they should know, but that’s yeah, that’s a loaded question. But I’ve been in Indiana. Really, Michael’s been working hard on the ’05 because we’re still叮 at Blake’s event coming up. Don’t ask us if we’re nervous. Don’t ask us if we’re if it’s we’re going to make it happen. The countdown is real, but we’ve got the 450. We’ve got a box that says that says Fleece on it.

(126) 6.7 FORD POWERSTROKE DISASTER!!! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!!! 00-00-39
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comFleece just came out with a brand new product that is available on their website. It also is available for my discount, so you guys can save some dollar dollar bills. Because I know if even if you’re unlucky enough to drive one of these, you’re an SE, you’re what, um, uh, you know, somebody who has this now apparently these little tiny fuel filters in here. This is the bomb, that’s the bomb. Do you know about these things? Cuz I’d be lying if I told people I know everything, but it’s kind of funny cuz you get one of these and you’re like, oh, it’s great. And then it’s like, well, then you got to put a DCR on it or a disaster prevention kit.

Then it comes to this, this guy. See these cracks? So, supposedly, these things get so much pressure, wear, whatever, and then they cause a fire. Yeah, they can crack, and I mean, spraying fuel in a hot engine bay, basically, that’s the scary part. Yeah, so just break it. I, I’ve been playing with it. You should just see if it breaks. Really? Yeah, I yeah, not going to happen.

All right, so apparently, this is your small fuel filter underneath your engine bay. Uh, and this kit that Fleece came out with is, of course, a nice, fancy Billet. I’m going to go ahead and pop that bad boy open. Nice Billet housing. Oh, well, this is, this is worth it, right here. I feel like the extra filter is worth it. So, what they’re doing is they’re replacing plastic junk with nice Billet, you know, made in the US of A fittings, bases, and they’re giving you a spin-on filter replacement that locks into your factory, uh, location seamlessly, bolt in.

Apparently, they, they’re telling us a monkey can put this in. So, I mean, look at that pin. So nice, plastic pin, stainless pin. You guys know if you’re getting something from Fleece, that is going to be of the most OEM quality that you’re ever going to find. Oh, and then they even have the extra fitting in there for the some that have the I for I forget what that is, but some of them I saw have three. This fits multiple year ’67 location, so it goes all the way up to ’24 but goes all the way down to the beginning of the year. So, we got beginning, you got all your ’67 Fords, and you’ve got a spare filter when it comes time for your next maintenance, which is super nice. Yeah, that is really nice.

(126) 6.7 FORD POWERSTROKE DISASTER!!! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!!! 00-00-39
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comAll right, I’ll just go ahead and take care of this. Care of this now, that’s where that belongs. Okay, so, so we start the timer. We were told 5 minutes. I’ve been telling the video that it’s going to be the shortest install that we’ve ever done. I should just leave this one clip and see how fast we can do it, or you, I mean, what, wow, oh, my bad. I’m getting this, so there, that unit is right there, right next to your hot engine bay, like I mentioned. If you guys have a DCR pump, if you have a disaster prevention kit, it does work seamlessly with all of the SNS products that are out there to save your fuel system.

So, quick connect fittings, spin-on filter, no more fire, no more cracks, and we’ll work with everything. So, pretty much, pretty much easy, ready to go. Just these little tidbits, just fixing, you know, the never-ending OEM problems. So, we’ll tighten these up. Does it aren’t you special? Wow, special with the hair, special with the with the filters, got it, man. I missed you, buddy. BS are long. Look at the flow, look at your balance, man. It’s so glorious. Oh, nice to man, one click, two clicks. Now, if I’m going to, if I’m going to read Michael’s mind, he’s probably going to suggest, you know, working under a hot engine bay that you may have just driven the truck, you might want to just go inside, get yourself a beverage.

Maybe not too many, even though I do think this install is rated for higher, uh, higher beverage count than most, cuz of how easy it is. But look at that, look at that, just spins out, huh? I think so. Little clockwise, turn counterclockwise, there it is. Now, that’s just a sealed unit, yep, gotcha. Wow, what if this was correct? That’d be crazy, that’d be kind of funny. You want me to crack it for you? I think we’re all right, just far, so good, just F things. So, probably just want to make sure that these fittings are tight, but you can see the little, little locking pin, got you some lube, oh, yes, get this one too, don’t put your O-rings and dry, just don’t do it.

only mock systems installed as easy as this, uh, Fleece fuel filter kit, that would be, that’d be wild. See, that it’s nice, this is this a little cute little guy. Like, look at that, it’s just so deceiving because you’re just like, what’s this nice Billet thing, just like, oh, this little baby little metal filter in there? Yeah, you should be able to get that filter about anywhere, though. That’s so cool. All right, we’re going back in for the install. I almost missed it. It’s only, it’s only going to be 3 seconds long, going in, going in. Oh boy, oh, nice little twist action. There was nice. See this one, you think it’ll start? No, well, yeah, but we’re still going to like prime it or whatever, you know. Prime job got it, fire in the hole. Wow, wow, nice job, buddy. Bail, mhm, mhm, mhm, that’s a nice mod. It’s a nice built mod. Where you got there, build baby, build. Not fall. I was waiting for it. I was waiting for it. All right, so if we had to time ourselves, that would actually be a good competition.(126) 6.7 FORD POWERSTROKE DISASTER!!! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!!! 00-00-39
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comYou and your buddies should both get them because I know at least one or two of you guys have friends, and you should both get kits, and you should time each other and you should film it and race each other and see how quickly you can put it in. I bet you if somebody was hustling, under a minute, under a minute, oh, wow, that would be funny to see. That should be a comp. Hey, tag me, tag Fleece if you’re going to get one of these kits. We should have a race. Fleece is going to put up a prize that they don’t know yet, a swag pack or maybe something else, whoever can install one of these kits the fastest, and we’ll review the data.

And I think that that would be fun, be sweet, that would be fun. All right, but now that you’re saying all this, I feel like it’s going to be like under 30 seconds. I mean, what about the guys that have two lines, not three? I mean, oh boy, goodness gracious, how many beverages you’ve had to? I mean, all right, so lines don’t matter, just how fast, doesn’t matter, doesn’t matter what color truck you have or what record you think you know, just yep, there it is, there it is, there it is, dude. Where do you want to keep your spare fuel filter? You have to make room for spare parts now in your, is that right? Next to the gloves, uh, for the tailgate heated, uh, got it. Goodbye, well, my friends, that is probably one of the easiest installations that we honestly actually have ever done here on the site.

(126) 6.7 FORD POWERSTROKE DISASTER!!! Don't Let This Happen To YOU!!! 00-00-39
https://www.minimaxxtuner.comHuge thank you to Fleece. If you guys have a Ford, if you guys know somebody who has a Ford, real easy, real simple. Don’t let yourself not take care of the little miscellaneous things that could leave you on the side of the road stranded. Send this video to your buddy, use the discount code, check out the, I mean, check out Fleece’s whole website, right? We use Fleece here, uh, throughout all of our entire builds, whether it’s Forge, Chevy, Dodge, Ram, doesn’t matter. Those guys are the best. They produce the highest quality products.

But that’s pretty much going to wrap up this video. The discount code is down below. Michael’s truck, just little odds and ends, backing up to the race trailer to do race trailer things. We will see you guys in the next video, but it feels great to be home, back in Kentucky, back in the shop. We’re going to keep working on all these projects, and we’ll see you very, very soon. See you all right. We’re not actually going to leave this out in the driveway. Should probably throw this away. I’m, I wasn’t going to leave it. I know.

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