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2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5" Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition

2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.com
Spits are just sold the race red Apex Edition lifted on 37s. This is a diamond, but today’s video is about Clint sumlin’s, 2024 Power, Stroke baby. That’S what I’m talking about today. It is the last day y’all. It is Friday.
The year is ending 2024 is on the horizon, we’re trying to get in all that we can, but that’s like a normal day. That’S every day here at the dealership and at WWI we maximize every day, it’s not about the thought process of. Oh, my gosh. We got to hurry hurry hurry it’s the last day. Every day is like it’s the last day and that’s how you maximize and go next level man.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.com
This truck is perfect to me like if you had to pick one truck that you were going to have forever and what you were going to do to it. It would be right here in the covert Edition action. That’S just what Clint did did now. Clint’S got a 350 Platinum, high output with the Carly Back Country. It’S got.
The remote reses is sitting nice and Tall 3 and 1/2 in got the torsion sway bar to go along with it kind of a cool story here, part of the Soggy Bottom Boys, the Soggy Bottom Outfitters in Alabama, great guys, Jr and them boys. I got to get down there and go hunting with them. Uh have not yet I need to, but uh Clint is big buddies with them law enforcement and just a he is a Bama fan. You know I can’t, and I still love him. So that’s just what shows you how good of a people they are they’re just good folks, but even though they love Bama, you know so that kind of shows you everything, but just look, I’m in here him and Kevin swind just went over the truck and just To the amenities and how everything looks on the inside is primo, it’s top tier, it’s next level, it’s so legit.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.comI love the feel, the premium leather and the little suede inserts and accents. I love how the Platinum you got black headliner. You got the boo audio. It is a money setup now we’re going to go over here to the side and review this truck, and I haven’t even got to drive this one just kind of trying to try to run around crazy today. It always has nice trucks and uh.
This will be his best by far he’s going to love. I told him that the truck drives so much better. It just has a better steering feel overall, and you got the ensor, the 14 gen F-150 interior duplication going on and then just of course, all the power that goes along with it. This will be his favorite truck he’s had some bad ones, but uh. This is going to be Numero Uno glad to be a part of it.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.com
Let’S review so you’ve already seen the truck pretty much. I want to show you more in depth about it. It’S a black beauty, y’all and look you you hear me talk all the time about painting things and how much that elevates and enhances, but this truck’s, clean and classy, and what they’ve done with the uh new wheel option for the Platinum. They really took wheels that were on sport trucks they offered in the past. Typically on the platinums.
This P, you know a PVD, chrome type, 20-in wheel. They went straight the opposite with black, with some accents along with it, and it doesn’t look that great to me. Unless you do this, like that wheel on a platinum, it’s like I’m, not sure about it, but once you level it out and throw some tires on that bad boy, 37s, at that it is a money setup, I’m very happy with the truck overall, the silver in The wheel ties in with our accents: we did a trimmer veilance up front too. The grer on the Platinum is this next level, because these bars they complete they circular around. But it’s got that brushed aluminum look kind of like on the applique.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.com
It’S not like a legit Chrome like it’s not the same finish as this. This is a little more toned down. So it’s the details, like that’s a little bit different of a grill than an XLT just because it’s a little bit more toned down and you can see the difference between the the emblem and that overall, it’s the same finish that comes here. Typically, this is uh a black textur as well, so only on the platinums and up King Ranch limited. You got that in the brush right there as well.
So it’s a money setup. I keep saying it. This is a money setup. The truck standing tile is perfect and let’s talk a little bit about the lift kit selection, so it was back and forth between BDS, we didn’t know what to do: Carly pin top eventure back country commuter, and essentially this is a aluminum body shock with steel shaft. Looking great, we still have full capability of our weight scale.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.com
Provision system there extended arm by US money set up, got to get the Carly tors and sway bar got it going on, got the Dual steering stabilizer to go along with it. Our favorite combo right there. If you do not do the Carly torson sway bar your ride, quality and experience is going to be greatly comprom comis. Now, what’s the difference between a back country and a commuter, the back country is for those that may do a little bit of uh mild to slower off-roading this. This is not like the Carly pin top to where you can go highspeed off-roading.
This is more for that mild to lower level off-roading, but the remote res is going to help you with that, but also, if you’re on the road a lot – and you know them roads in Alabama are probably not near as good as Georgia. There probably a lot more potholes in Alabama. I know there is in South Carolina, so the roads are rougher, so they’ll be able to appreciate the remote reses on this too. These are specifically tuned shocks from Carly their spec Twos for this application, so that kind of gave it the the little Notch right there above of they’ve, got it dialed in for this truck specifically and that’s kind of why it got the nod uh over some of The other kits we were looking at so a great system overall and overall great experience on 37 12, 1/2, 20 Nitto Ridge. Grappler TI tires that Hybrid tire he loves it he’s ran it before said, let’s run it back cuz.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.comI know what it’s going to give me results wise for this year: model we’re three and 1/2 in the past truck was not the trucks were actually taller, so it was a 2 and 1/2 kit. This is a three and 1/2 from Carly and money. Look at this stance like it it’s it’s hard to see because of the layout of the parking lot, but I got it pretty level right here, and this is a good representation. It is money. Kind of throws me off a little bit on these trucks.
Is that this is naturally taller than that line there, but I like to measure from there to there on both the nowh legit, but I like to do the ey test. It’S got to pass the eye test for your boy, because I don’t want it to look like it’s squatting in the rear at all – and this is perfect me set up now running this kit. You do have to do at least a different block or adap pack or Progressive Leaf pack in the rear, got it standing nice and Tall. If you do not do something in the rear, it will look like a Carolina, squatted truck so uh note. There must do something in the rear, but this is a great overall stance to me Truck is Not Too Tall the Gap.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.comThere is just right to me: 37s legit, Platinum, applique, Outback. I told you it bounces out with that wheel. It looks money. It’S got amazing. Tail lights, I love the way.
The tail lights look, especially at night time. It really lights up and just gives that premium. Vibe overall side, bed step tailgate step, Let’s Get It On [ Music ] also want to show you the auto Ling headlights work with our extended bars that we pi to go with these kits so check out the headlights when I crank [ Music ] up yeah. I remember back in the day, like 2006 had a BMW that had this and once I saw that feature I was like. Oh my gosh BMW’s the best.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.com
Oh, my gosh, the headlights turn when you, when you turn and they they go up and down and now Forge rolling it on the dam, Superduty truck. That’S why this is so legit also. I don’t show you enough how we are on our rubbing and scrubbing with this setup. So look I’m all the way, I’m full to the left. It’S going to come back just a little bit, but I’m fully turned to the left.
I mean it may barely touch. It may barely touch on an angle on the radius on right. There there’s our extended arms that work with the toer lift. We got to be legit when we do these trucks with these applications, because these features are worth it y’all. We got to do it, but you can see it barely rubs right there and then, with the Carly torson sway bar with the end links that angle is in so much more.
2024 Ford F-350 Platinum 3.5 Carli Backcountry Leveled on 37s- BUBBA Covert Edition https://www.handsminimaxx.com
We do not rub it off. Look at that. We got plenty of room. Let’S go so in summary, with this setup, with the Carly torson sway bar with the factory radius arms, you are so legit one more look at the premium interior, it’s the best in the business. To me.
I know all other manufacturers and models are starting to step their game up with their interior packages as far as comfortable seats and, of course, fit and thinness and quality and feel there’s none like the Superduty, and I was just Chevrolet guys. So you know you’re getting the real fact from Real Deal. Why are we the best here at Wild withies in Akens and wers Georgia? Well, it’s because of the amount of swings we get you’re not going to become a stud athlete if you don’t get in the game, if you don’t spend time in the bat and cage, if you don’t get the Reps in, if you don’t get the practice in You’Re not going to have ways to grow. That’S what it’s all about growing and we’re continually growing and learning here by trial and error by our great customers like Clint and everyone else across the entire country.
And here in Georgia, allowing us and trusting in us to make their trucks the best it can possibly be because I’ve told you all the prices they’re not slowing down at all. So it’s like, if I’m going to put this much money in my transportation and life is so short I just got got to I got to if I want to live life to the fullest. If I want to maximize, I got to bust my butt to make sure I’m a high achiever High earner. That way, I can drive in the big boy trucks which we have right here. So again, we know and trust in our experience, and we know that that makes a difference, because this kit, right here most people, wouldn’t really know what the difference is between that and the BDS and and the others between the pin top the eventure ETC.
The Cognito, the Wicked the striker they just wouldn’t know so it’s just like we love to dabble in all those to get that experience to see what we like best from those groups, whether we want to deal with those in the future or not, and the Carly Has been great for us because it really handles and takes care of a full segment of customers as far as onroad and off-road comfort and got to spend some time with Clint today is always great. Don’T get to see him enough and his truck legitimately is perfect and he’s headed back to Bama and wild with his covert Edition fashion. Yes, let’s go y’all man. This is awesome. Happy New Year to everyone, 2024.
Let’S make it great peace out.