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2023 Ford f350 HO. 3 things I don’t like about this truck

2023 Ford f350 HO. 3 things I don’t like about this truck. Owner review
Howdy Bears figured I’ll, bring you along on this journey here for context reasons, I’m helping a friend move cross country and he put a good portion of his shop and that box there. So you understand I’m north of 20 uh, 28, 000 gross, that’s truck trailer and the load um end of this trip I’ll do a article. As far as my Impressions, everything about the truck you know the after treatment, the the Boost as far as acceleration, the braking power call it boost whatever you want to call it. Engine braking um that’ll, be another article. The point of this article is, I wanted to talk about things.
Three things that I heard take me about this truck uh. Two of them are a safety issue, and the third one is is Paul wanting to know and get his information. It’S just so. So let’s get that one out of the way. I know it’s objective.
Subjective is a matter of opinion. So if you unbuckle – and it doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter if the trucks are driving or stationary, this is it. You can’t do anything with this thing. Well, I have the Habit when I park my truck, I’m not gon na hang tight guys not to shut it down until I see certain attempts right. Hence, that’s why I went through the settings and kind of got these going up here for the carrier, swans cool and that’s the engine, oil and that’s the transmission they’re, pretty handy right.
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But I still I want to have the freedom to do what the freaking want to do with my truck and that air takes me so bad um, let it be you know I just want to make sure the thing is in the region and I’m shutting it Down stuff, like that, like that’s [, __ ] before it did, you know I get it, send your warnings, but let the owner be able to dismiss that message. Okay, so get that one out of the way it’s one of the dumbest things. Second thing is this windshield um That’S my settings. You know I’m pushing on the windshield.
I don’t like cold air in my face, so that’s a typical setting feet and windshield. Oh and I’ll wipe it down I’ll change, the settings and yeah. I mean it’s foggy outside a lot of moisture in there, but that’s not it anytime. I do that unless it’s super hot and dry outside it’s 95 of the time, I’m fighting with it. So a lot of times I’ll just take it off the windshield problem solved right, but it’s still like this is a 2020 340 
Engineers should have thought about it all right, and so that’s the safety I mean to me.
That’S a safety concern. I know it sounds like I’m wanting a crime but seriously it gets irritating but dismissed that the one the third one that really really has gone to me is the exhaust brake. So when you’re in cruise control, like I’m in cruise control – and I hope we have a rolling hill in the next minute or two – so I can show you guys – you’re a decently fine, yeah, there’s things too, you know left to be desired. I wish it was a little bit more fine-tuned, but you got nothing to worry about it. It’Ll keep you in check, you know worst case scenario get up to 70, like I have it.Instead of 65 I’ll get up to 70 
Um they’ll be fighting its way, all the way to seven and once it gets to 70, for example, it’s not necessarily 70. It’S like five miles over it. I mean it really puts its work in it and you’re fine when you’re out of cruise control. Those things are, freaking joke about, exhaust break is a mind of its own and it’s so irritating um and here’s the dividing Factor. This is this is where it Cummins and power stroker, completely two different beasts right, a power stroke built their exhaust brake to maintain speed to hold you back down hard and steep hills.
2023 Ford f350 HO. 3 things I don’t like about this truck. Owner review
You know hey guys by the way I got. I got kiddos with me. So if you hear kiddos talking in the back mama’s taking care of them we’re all good there, so we got kids check and check they’re taken care of, but anyways um back to the exhaust brake. You know you’re, going through on Hills, you’re in cruise control cool. You know when you’re out of control you’re in deep crap and as I was saying, Cummins and Power Stroke right this power stroke holds the speed, maintains speed.

There’S plenty of power. This engine has plenty of ability to do that when you’re out of cruise control, it is so frustrating because, as a long time, Cummins owner um, when I get on my brakes lightly or hard, I want the engine less or excuse me. The the tuning of the engine to listen to that, if I’m getting on my brakes hard and I’m at high speeds, I expect that exhaust brake to kick in hard, and I mean hard right – that’s why the exhaust brakes do that’s. Why I love me my Cummins exhaust brake on low speeds Forget it this thing could not even kick on uh, it’s gimmicky.
It is so frustrating that Ford missed the mark by that much when there’s when there’s a need of power to accelerate to tell the exhaust brakes kicking in. I can hear that 18. I can’t necessarily feel it, but I mean I could see Lino’s holding you back. So I’m not complaining about that. I’M complaining when you’re out of here and notice how long the exhaust brake was kicked on and then when the power comes in like this is what I’m talking about kind of leaves at this.
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So just to kind of overdo it and then it’ll drag its feet on excelling and I just kind of kind of all over the place or should I say there of marches too wide. So it looks sloppy anyways back to what I was saying. This Ford’s exhaust brake is gimmicky outside of the [ Music ], the cruise control. I have learned to work with it. Like I’m approaching a decent.
You know I’d get on the brakes, I’d, let it know uh that I’m gon na be going downhill. You know I’ll release the brakes – let’s say 60, but actually I want to be doing 65, but I have to slow down the vehicle to 60 and kind of let the computer now that this is the ballpark. I want to stand an auto on the interstate. That manual thing is I’ll talk about it in this article, what I expect of it and what it’s actually doing uh this Auto thing is um. They said we’re on cruise control.
It’S doing. Okay, Atticus control. It’S a joke, um back to the auto feature. So if you’re gon na manually or should I say, try to set it to maintain speed outside a cruise control, you got ta under you know, cut it under six five six miles an hour Visa because it’s coming down the hill. You know, let’s go back to that 60 and 65 I’M bringing down the speed to 60, no one.
 I want to be about 65 going down that hill. So what’s gon na, what’s gon na happen, it’s gon na start excelling right. 61. 62. 
A little dropper gear and it’ll try to fight 62, 63 and I’ll drop another gear, it’s very slow to response.
2023 Ford f350 HO. 3 things I don’t like about this truck. Owner review
 It’S it’s very reluctant to do that. This is a very much a Average Joe’s truck. This isn’t a hard-working man’s truck hard-working man knows what he wants. Average Joe gets in this truck sets his cruise control and goes on. I’M not docking on anybody.
 I’M just trying to to divide that a guy that wants to that wants to work his truck every day. The Ford is not for you, it is so irritating when it comes to that exhaust brake. I swear I’ve considered coming home and just selling this thing like I bought a diesel truck to work it now when, when a question of power, it’s never an issue. Yes, it doesn’t have the brutal low end of a comments. Fall off your chairs tell me what you want to tell boy I own, a 23 I own the HL.
This thing does not have the low end torque of a six seven Cummins North is a blow up. Yeah right now knock on wood and everything. This thing only has 5700 miles on it, but um Power is never an issue. Dropper gear will wrap itself out and it will go through anything hot. Despite me missing my low end, it’s it’s a personal preference.
 It’S not a real issue. It maintains speech is fine, so you just leave it at that, but the exhaust brake is a huge concern in mind. The guy that’s trying to work. His truck needs to know exactly what his truck’s doing Anna’s gon na. Do that ain’t it.
 So if you get in this truck, You Don’t Know Jack about truck. This is a safe truck for you, because you’ll set it in cruise control you’ll. Let the computer do its thing and that’s best case scenario. A lot of hard-working men. Don’T like that.
 We like that sweet metal, we like consistency, we like to be able to control the equipment. I think that’s what it comes down to. We like to know what the equipment is going to do and control it keep in mind. You see how a downshift like if it obviously it’s holding speed back, I mean it’s wrapping out the RPM pretty hard. Sometimes it gets me concerned when it’s starting to push itself about four or five miles an hour past that cruise I mean it will bring it up to the red, but you actually have an exhaust brake at that point right.
2023 Ford f350 HO. 3 things I don’t like about this truck. Owner review
 You actually have something holding you back. So uh it’s Paul math, oh Paul’s, not Matt, Paul’s, baffled that Ford missed the mark. So bad um is the exhaust brake there. Yes, the exhaust brakes there, it’s it’s, not a wannabe exhaust break, There’s an actual exhaust brake now and these 23s they’ve definitely improved them. But nowhere close to a common sense – um, I’m gon na – have to talk in another article and like get into detail of power, get in the detail of after treatment.
 This Ford has a lot of good things to say. I think I uh hit it as hard as I could on that exhaust brake and that’s the biggest issue that I have with this Ford. It’S a joke. It’S still a joke. It’S upsetting that the Ford Motor Company built such a strong engine to excel, but a joke, just don’t slow you down in the real world of control and well I’ll, throw this out there.
 Four trucks have significantly better braking systems and I think that’s what they rely on versus Ram. Like I got in a couple of tight spots where I had to get on the brakes hard, the Cummins would would downshift hard and just freaking choke out that engine and slow you, the heck down. This thing is forget it man, it was downshifting up shifting. It’S forget that exhaust brake it’s nowhere to be found when you really need in that situation right, but I did notice the brakes they have. A lot of the sport has a lot of braking power as far as the servicing brakes goes.
 That’S not necessarily what you want to use on the interstate, because, after that, episode of heartbreaking about a minute or two I ended up taking an exit, gets had to use the bathroom and my brakes were wreaking. They were reeking bad. I’Ve never had my rims smell. This bad and I’ve hauled significantly heavier with my rim so that high speed braking um Ford AIDS it with really strong brakes and that’s good. You know I wish Ram had this of a strong braking system, but I’d much rather have Ford’s a billeter Graham’s ability to exhaust brake.
 You you get and you you leave a little. That’S what it is. You got to take it a little bit and you got to leave a little bit but um so depending what you are another scenario, I’m always in manual on my Cummins around town, because when I let off the throttle, I want the exhaust brake to kick in And half the time the exhaust brake does kick in, you see it kicking in, but it’s a gimmicky guys. It’S pretty much like non-existent and that’s tough. I can’t stress it enough how big of a joke and let down Ford is with their exhaust brakes outside of cruise control I’ll just leave it anyways fellas um.
 I might have to wrap it up because I feel like I’m gon na get carried into my uh other topic. I really want to talk about as a general, because I feel like I’m not being fair with Ford, because all this good stuff about Ford that I have to talk about, I’m not but considering this article is already oh smokes. 13 minutes I’m gon na wrap it up just watch out for another article and overall full balance, article of my impressions of this truck and I’m doing probably about seven. I think it was seven seven and a half thousand miles. It’S a well-rounded trip.
 It’S it’s going to be heavy, it’s going to be light, it’s going to be mediocre and then there’s going to be a little portion of really heavy, so anyways as always falls man. May the Lord bless you may all might a fine day. Let me know what else, and what else you guys want to know about it’s for in the comment section. But there is no article coming about after treatment as an overall truck how it handles and how the ride quality is not a general sense of uh, first hand, appearance or should I say first the impressions of the Comfort there’s something about this truck. Just does not fatigue you like the RAM, does but we’ll talk about that I’ll, better, wrap up this article and take care of Penny all right pause.As always May Lord bless, you may Almighty.

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